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    STILLEN Southern California Corvette Performance Shop:

    If you want your new Corvette performance parts professionally installed, trust it to the professionals at the STILLEN Southern California Performance Shop! We offer a full service performance shop that specializes in supercharger installations, big brake kit installations, high performance vehicle maintenance and more! To make an appointment, simply call 866-250-5542 and we will be happy to help you.

    Southern California Corvette Performance Shop

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    Magnaflow exhaust for Chevy Corvette
    AP Racing Radi-CAL by STILLEN Brake Kit for Corvette C6
    Airaid air intake for Chevy corvette
    Corvette Catalytic Converter
    Whipple Corvette supercharger
    Chevy Corvette Floor Mat Chevrolet Corvette Sway Bar
    Chevy Corvette brake pads

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    AP Racing Radi-CAL by STILLEN Brake Kit for Corvette C6
    Chevy Corvette brake pads


    Corvette Catalytic Converter
    Tuning device for Corvette
    Cherolet Corvette clutch kit
    Magnaflow exhaust for Chevy Corvette
    Replacement air filter for Corvette
    Airaid air intake for Chevy corvette
    Whipple Corvette supercharger
    Airaid throttle body booster for Chevy Corvette


    Chevy Corvette coilover shocks
    Corvette suspension kit Shock absorbers for Chevy Corvette Chevrolet Corvette Sway Bar  


    Corvette Cargo Liner Chevy Corvette Floor Mat      

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    Magnaflow 2014 Chevy Corvette C7 Exhaust – Just Released

    Improve your car's sound and get a boost of power with the Magnaflow 2014 Chevy Corvette C7 Exhaust! Click here to learn more about this new axle back exhaust system!

    Corvette Exhaust Kits by MagnaFlow | 2000-13 5.7/6.0/6.2L

    MagnaFlow’s released Competition and Street Series Corvette Exhaust kits for 2000-2013 models, including an Axel-Back, Muffler Delete for the 09-11’s, and

    Corvette Dyno Tune with Magnuson Supercharger

    The 2001 Corvette is back in the shop after the Magnuson Corvette Supercharger install. Now it's time for the Corvette dyno tune to dial in the LS1 V8.

    Magnuson Corvette Supercharger Install & Magnaflow Exhaust Install

    It's always a treat to have a Corvette in the STILLEN Performance Shop, especially for a Corvette supercharger install on top of the LS1 V8.

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