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    Infiniti FX35 Performance Parts


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    Infiniti FX35 Aftermarket Performance Parts

    Infiniti FX35 Big Brake Kit    

    The Infiniti FX35 was the first of its kind when it came to sporty luxurious SUV's. The Infiniti FX35 is a well built vehicle that stands the test of time. The high quality Infiniti FX35 parts and accessories that keep it on the road can be found here. STILLEN offers a selection of Infiniti FX35 performance parts, aftermarket parts, and accessories that are premium quality. STILLEN's FX35 supercharger adds even more power to the already capable FX35 engine. Our FX35 exhaust and hi-flow air intake will add even more horsepower. We also supply Infiniti FX35 oil filters, air filters, floor mats, brakes, grilles, and suspension parts.

    Choose the model year of your vehicle above to find the Infiniti FX35 part you need. If you prefer, feel free to give us a call at (866) 250-5542 to talk with an aftermarket part expert.

    FX35 Big Brake Kit

    STILLEN Modified Infiniti FX35 Parts

    STILLEN Modified Infiniti FX35    

    At STILLEN, we pride ourselves in making great cars even greater. The Infiniti FX35 parts we installed on this 2003 Infiniti FX35 improved upon the already fantastic performance, suspension, brakes, and exterior. We increased the horsepower with STILLEN's FX35 supercharger, hi-flow intake, and our cat-back exhaust system. Lowering springs and a front strut tower brace improved upon the Infiniti FX35's stability and handling. With all the extra power and handling, we installed a big brake kit by AP Racing that really made the FX35 perform more like a sports car than a luxurious SUV. Improving upon the exterior was a challenge as well, but we accomplished that with an FX35 grille that added to the existing lines. STILLEN provides only premium quality Infiniti FX35 parts for every model year.

    We also perform Infiniti FX35 installs, maintenance, tuning, upgrades, and body kit component installations at our Infiniti FX35 performance shop in Orange County.  

    FX35 w/STILLEN Parts
    The STILLEN modified Infiniti FX35 features these aftermarket performance parts below. To browse our entire selection of Infiniti FX35 aftermarket parts, choose your model year above.
    FX35 Exterior Part #
    • Street Scene Speed Grille SSE78340
    FX35 Performance
    • STILLEN Stage 2 - Intercooled Supercharger
    • STILLEN Stainless Steel Cat-back Exhaust System
    FX35 Transmission
    • STILLEN Automatic Transmission Valve Body Upgrade 453335
    FX35 Brakes
    • AP Racing 4-Piston / 13” One Piece Rotor Big Brake Kit 30-5500
    FX35 Suspension
    • STILLEN Front Strut Brace
    • Eibach Pro-Kit Springs
    FX35 Wheels & Tires  
    • TSW Carlton 22” Wheels
    - Michelin Diamaris 285/35R22 Tires

    STILLEN Infiniti FX35 Pictures

    Infiniti FX35 Replacement Grille Infiniti FX35 Rear Corner Infiniti FX35 Front Lip
    Infiniti FX35 Grille Infiniti FX35 Rear Corner Infiniti FX35 Front Lip
    Infiniti FX35 Cat_Back Exhaust Infiniti FX35 Side View Infiniti FX35 Exhaust Tips
    FX35 Cat-Back Exhaust STILLEN FX35 Side View FX35 Exhaust Tips
    Infiniti FX35 Front Side View Infiniti FX35 22 Supercharged Infiniti FX35
    Front Side View Carlton 22" Wheels  Supercharged Infiniti FX35 
    Infiniti FX35 Rear    
    FX35 Cat-Back Exhaust Tips  STILLEN Infiniti FX35 In the Media   
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