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    STILLEN provides Maxima owners with the best quality aftermarket performance replacement parts available. We have a selection of Maxima performance parts available for every model year. The Maxima aftermarket parts we carry will keep your vehicle on the road for many years to come. We have a wide selection of Maxima performance parts including our very popular Maxima cat-back exhaust system. Be sure to check out our Maxima body kits as they will enhance every angle of your vehicle to a more aggressive yet still luxurious look. Today's Maxima has the perfect combination of performance and luxury that is coveted in the marketplace.

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    Nissan Maxima Performance Shop:

    Nissan Maxima Performance Shop

    If you're ready to customize your Nissan Maxima, be sure to bring it to the STILLEN performance shop. We specialize in Nissan/Infiniti vehicles and have been installing performance upgrades on them since 1986, when the STILLEN performance shop first opened it's doors. Give us a call at 866-250-5542 to schedule your exhaust upgrade, brake kit installation or other performance part upgrade now!

    Shop Most Popular Nissan Maxima Aftermarket Parts:

    STILLEN exhaust for Maxima
    Cold Air Intake kit for Nissan Maxima
    Nissan Maxima brake kit
    Maxima body kit
    Lip Spoiler for Nissan Maxima
    Altima oil cooling kit
    Nissan Maxima floor mat
    Maxima brake pads

    Shop Nissan Maxima Performance Parts & Accessories By Category:


    Nissan Maxima brake kit
    Nissan Maxima replacement brake rotors
    Maxima brake pads
    Maxima brake lines


    STILLEN exhaust for Maxima
    Cold Air Intake kit for Nissan Maxima
    STILLEN cap cover for Maxima
    Altima oil cooling kit
    Air Filter for Nissan Maxima
    Oil cooling kit for Nissan Maxima
    Maxima Pulley
    Nissan Maxima grounding kit


    Maxima body kit
    Lip Spoiler for Nissan Maxima
    Maxima side skirt Roof Spoiler for Nissan Maxima Nissan Maxima rear corner
    Side Skirts Roof Spoilers Rear Corners
    Nissan Maxima Diffuser


    Lowering kit for Nissan Maxima Nissan Maxima strut braces Sway bar for Maxima Wheel spacer for Nissan Maxima  
    Lowering Kits Strut Braces Sway Bars Wheel Spacers  


    Maxima cargo liners Nissan Maxima floor mat      
    Cargo Liners Floor Mats      


    Nissan Maxima 20inch wheels
    Nissan Maxima 22inch wheels

    Recent Nissan Maxima Posts:

    How to Install a STILLEN Nissan Maxima Lip Spoiler

    Worried your STILLEN Nissan Maxima lip spoiler is too short or isn't fitting correctly? Click here to learn how to properly install your lip spoiler and get the correct fitment!

    The 7th Gen Maxima You Wish You Had With STILLEN Big Brake Kit

    If you love modified cars as much as we do, you love this STILLEN customer's 7th Gen Maxima. It featured STILLEN big brake kits, body components & more!

    Maxima Rear Diffuser | New Product From STILLEN

    Due to popular demand, we have now manufactured the polyurethane Maxima rear diffuser to complete the existing STILLEN Maxima Body Kit...

    Featured STILLEN Parts for Nissan Maxima:

    STILLEN Modified Maxima
    Maxima Front Spoiler
    Maxima Side Skirt
    Maxima Rear Wing
    Maxima Rear Corners
    Maxima Roof Wing
    Maxima Cat-Back Exhaust
    Maxima Hi Flow Cold Air Intake
    Maxima Oil Cooler Kit

    Customer Spotlight: Nissan Maxima with STILLEN Performance Parts

    At STILLEN, we love seeing our parts in use on our customer's cars! This Nissan Maxima is no exception. On the outside, the owner customized his car with STILLEN side skirts, diffuser, rear corners and a lip spoiler. Inside, the customer upgrade his performance with cold air intakes, a cat-back exhaust system, front strut tower brace, sway bar and an AP Racing brake kit.

    Nissan Maxima Side Skirt Nissan Maxima Rear Corners Nissan Maxima Front Lip Spoiler
    Maxima Side Skirt Maxima Rear Corners Maxima Front Lip Spoiler

    Contact Us:

    If you're looking ready to upgrade your Maxima, give us a call! We have a full team of experts that are ready to answer your questions on Maxima exhausts, body kits, air intakes and more. STILLEN headquarters in Orange County, CA also offers a full service Nissan Maxima performance shop that specializes in aftermarket part installations. To place an order or schedule an installation, give us a call at 866-250-5542 and we will be happy to help you!

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