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    Nissan GTR customized by STILLEN

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    Nissan GT-R Performance Shop

    The STILLEN performance shop is known for their expertise in high performance vehicles - especially Nissan and Infiniti vehicles and the Nissan GT-R is no exception. Trust your GTR with the STILLEN team to ensure that your performance parts are installed correctly and your car's service is thorough. To make an appointment, simply call (866) 250-5542 and we will be happy to help you!

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    GT-R exhaust
    Cold Air intake Kit for Nissan GT-R
    GTR Brake Kit
    Sway Bars for Nissan GT-R
    Suspension Kit for GT-R
    GT-R Lip Spoiler
    Nissan GT-R Coilover Shocks
    GTR License Plate Holder
    Nissan GT-R Replacement Brake Pads
    Nissan GT-R floor mats
    Nissan GT-R Radiators
    Rotors for Nissan GT-R

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    Nissan GT-R Brake Cooling Kit
    GTR Brake Kit
    Replacement GTR Brake Lines
    Nissan GT-R Replacement Brake Pads
    Rotors for Nissan GT-R


    GTR compartment covers
    GT-R exhaust
    Filters for Nissan GTR
    Cold Air intake Kit for Nissan GT-R
    Nissan GT-R Radiators


    Nissan GT-R Coilover Shocks
    Suspension Kit for GT-R
    Lowering Kit for Nissan GTR
    GTR Shocks
    Sway Bars for Nissan GT-R


    Carbon Fiber front lip for GTR
    GT-R Diffuser
    Duct for Nissan GT-R
    GT-R Fenders
    Nissan GT-R Hood
    GTR License Plate Holder
    Nissan GTR Lights
    GT-R Lip Spoiler
    Rear Spoiler for GT-R
    Side Skirt for Nissan GTR
    Nissan GTR Skid Plate
    Truck for GT-R


    Nissan GT-R interior accessories
    Nissan GT-R floor mats

    STILLEN Custom Nissan GT-R:

    STILLEN Custom GT-R - Won 1st place at Targa Newfoundland

    STILLEN Custom Nissan GT-R Specs:

    • Horsepower: ~620 @ 15psi (91 Octane)
    • 0-60 mph: 2.9 Seconds **
    • 1/4 Mile: 11 Seconds @ 127.9 mph **
    • 0-130 mph: 11.4 Seconds **
    • Lateral Grip: 1.1G+ **

    ** As Tested by Road & Track

    STILLEN Nissan GTR Parts

    Below are the aftermarket parts installed on the STILLEN Nissan GTR race car. Be sure to read our blog on the experience in winning the Targa New Zealand Rally. If you would like to view all the Nissan GTR performance parts we have available, choose your model year above. If you would like us to install your new parts or service your Nissan GTR in any other way, come visit our Nissan GTR performance shop in Orange County.

    Nissan GTR Performance Parts

    Nissan GTR Brakes/Tires

    Nissan GTR Suspension

    Nissan GTR Exterior

    • STILLEN GTRKB12822 Nissan GTR Aftermarket Front Lip Spoiler
    • STILLEN GTRKB12829 Nissan GTR Aftermarket Side Skirts
    • STILLEN GTRKB128213 Nissan GTR Aftermarket Front Canards
    • Password:JDM PWCBH-R35-C00 Dry Carbon Fiber Custom Race Hood
    • Password:JDM TL0910NSGTR-DRY Dry Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid
    • Password:JDM RS0910NSGTR-OE Dry Carbon Fiber Wing
    • Password:JDM PWCEC-R35-C00 Dry Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
    • Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud
    • Password:JDM PWCBN-R35-C00 Dry Carbon Fiber NACA Ducts
    • Password:JDM AeroCatch Flush Mounting Plates
    • APR Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors
    • BASF Carizzma Orange Sherbet Pearl Paint

    Nissan GTR Interior

    • STILLEN Designed & Built Custom Chromoly Roll Cage
    • STILLEN Designed & Built Custom Seat Frames
    • Status Racing Seats
    • Status Racing Harnesses
    • Monit Rally Computers
    • ChaseCam On-Board Video Camera System
    • Nordskog GPS Speedometer (KPH)

    Additonal STILLEN Nissan GTR Photos

    STILLEN Nissan GTR Racing
    Nissan GTR Front Lip Spoiler
    STILLEN Nissan GTR Racing Seaside

    Nissan GTR Videos


    Video Spotlight: Nissan GT-R Video

    Drifting the STILLEN GT-R

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