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    Hotchkis 1967-1969 Chevy Camaro / Pontiac Firebird Upper A-Arms

    Hotchkis 1967-1969 Chevy Camaro / Pontiac Firebird Upper A-Arms

    $789.51 MSRP



    Hotchkis 1967-1969 Chevy Camaro / Pontiac Firebird Upper A-Arms

    PART #: HOT1107

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    • 100% TIG welded 1.25" tubular steel construction
    • Silver zinc plated, 4130 chromoly offset billet cross-shaft
    • Easy to lubricate Delrin bushings
    • Upper ball joints and polyurethane droop stops installed
    • Last cut "Hotchkis" logo
    • Gloss black powder coat finish
    • Offset cross-shaft allows increased static negative camber without a large alignment shim stack. Great for header clearance issues
    • Built in caster to allow for increased (beyond stock) positive caster settings, which improve high speed stability and camber gain during turning, thereby increasing front tire traction

    Hotchkis Caster & Camber Adjusters

    Caster/Camber Plates

    • Improves front tire traction and wear by increasing tire contact patch during cornering
    • Heavy duty construction for ultimate durability during competition and street use
    • Direct bolt in - does not require vehicle modification

    Hotchkis Camber and Camber/Caster Plates offer a significant range of alignment adjustment, far surpassing factory settings, therefore resulting in vastly increase handling balance and grip. This camber adjustment keeps the front tires flat on the road during aggressive cornering. Also allows for correction of excessive camber resulting from significant vehicle lowering or for increased camber for competition applications.

    Camber For Traction

    Camber is the angle of the wheel/tire, measured in degrees, when viewed from the front of the vehicle. When the top of the wheel is leaning out from the center of the car, away from the engine, then the camber is positive, if it's leaning in, then the camber is negative.

    For general street driving, if the camber is too far negative, caused by excessively low coil springs combined with limited stock camber adjustment, then the tire will wear excessively on the inside. Conversely, extreme handling situations such as autocross events or track days require over 2.5 degrees of negative camber on the front tires.

    Camber Links

    • Ideal for Lowered Vehicles
    • CNC Machined
    • 6061-T6 Aluminum and Laser Cut Steel TIG Welded Construction
    • Greasable Urethane Bushings

    Hotchkis Camber Links offer a wide range of adjustability from zero degrees to beyond 3 degrees negative in most applications. They are constructed to be easily adjustable to conquer any street or track.

    PART #: HOT1107
    MANU #: 1107
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