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    STILLEN Nissan Juke AWD Rear Sway Bar

    STILLEN Nissan Juke AWD Rear Sway Bar

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    STILLEN Nissan Juke AWD Rear Sway Bar

    PART #: 307065

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    • Rear Sway Bar Made From High-Tensile Strength Steel
    • Increases Rigidity to Aid in Corner and Vehicle Stability
    • Reduces "Push" Feeling of Understeer
    • Durable Red Powder Coat Finish - Protects Against Corrosion and the Elements
    • Features Precision Laser-Cut End Link Brackets
    • Easy Installation - Instructions Included
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    STILLEN is proud to announce the Nissan Juke all wheel drive rear sway bar.  This sway bar for the Nissan Juke AWD is a rear mounted sway bar offering more rigidity than the factory sway bar to aid in cornering and vehicle stability.  STILLEN has designed this sway bar to be stiffer than the factory bar which will allow for better turn-in, rotation, and overall improved stability when pushing the Nissan Juke hard through canyon roads, on the track, or even trying to get to work in the morning!

    A common complaint on all wheel drive vehicles is the experience of “under steer.”  Under steer is where you are driving the car spiritedly and the car doesn’t want to rotate through the turn.  Instead the front tires just “push” or “understeer.”  By stiffening the rear suspension the chassis will be more planted and this will allow the car to rotate better through the turns and give the driver a more positive feel as he accelerates through the turn.

    This particular STILLEN sway bar for the AWD Nissan Juke is made out of high tensile strength steel and incorporates precision laser cut end link brackets and is finished in a brilliant red powder coat finish.  This powder coat finish will stand the test of time and will do an excellent job of protecting the bar against corrosion, wear and tear, and keep the underside of the car looking great! 

    This STILLEN sway bar is backed with a lifetime guarantee!

    Installation Instructions
    PART #: 307065
    5by mike rios

    At first I was doubtful as to how much this would improve the handling of my car. I gave it a shot and installed it a...

    September 30, 2013
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