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    H&R 15.0mm DRM Type TRAK+ Wheel Spacers - Black

    H&R 15.0mm DRM Type TRAK+ Wheel Spacers - Black

    $149.95 MSRP



    H&R 15.0mm DRM Type TRAK+ Wheel Spacers - Black

    PART #: HR3065663SW

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    • Width:15.0mm
    • Spacer Type:DRM
    • BP: 5/114.3 x CB: 66.2 x T: 12x1.25
    • Stud
    • Black Hard Anodized
    • Includes Two Spacers
    • Fits RWD & AWD Models
    • Will NOT Fit Front 370Z Wheels

    H&R Trak+ Black Anodized Wheel Spacers


    Wider is Better®! H&R TRAK+® Wheel Spacers move your wheels and tires outwards so they are more flush with the fender—instantly giving your vehicle the perfect stance. High end sports car manufacturers use every millimeter of fender space available in their design for the best looks and highest performance and so should you. With TRAK+® you can fill the gap in your fenders and GO WIDE!

    TRAK+® Wheel Spacers are manufactured from a special proprietary alloy specifically developed for H&R that is lighter and has a higher tensile strength than 6061-T6 billet aluminum. H&R TRAK+® Wheel Spacers are hubcentric and feature a full contact hub—just like the factory hub—for even load force distribution and lateral support.


    If the depth of the wheel spacer is smaller than the length of the standard studs, the wheels used must allow for small cavities in the mounting pad of the wheel. If using wheels without cavities, the standard studs should be shortened so that they do not extend beyond the height of the spacer. If the wheels have no cavities, 20mm or larger spacers are needed.

    PART #: HR3065663SW
    MANU #: 3065663SW
    5by Josh Hankins

    Installed these spacers on my '11 Maxima, and they look great! High quality product, and a great improvement to my ri...

    July 28, 2013
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