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    Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits


    Stainless Steel Brake Line Benefits

    With steel brake lines, when you step on the brake pedal, you slow immediately and can "feel" the road beneath your feet. Compare this to stepping on the gas pedal and having immediate acceleration. Both these actions provide you with ultimate control of your vehicle. Responsiveness is key to safety and performance whether you are racing at the track or driving to work each day. Stainless steel brake lines are more durable than standard rubber brake lines and will last much longer.

    • Reduce Stopping Distance
    • Improved Handling
    • Improved Responsiveness
    • Safer than Rubber Brake Lines
    • Longer Lasting

    Braided Steel Brake Line Benefits

    Our stainless steel braided brake lines are stronger than O.E.rubber brake lines. They are favorites of racers because of the quality. Car enthusiasts enjoy the performance, but they also enjoy the look of the braided steel brake line next to chrome. Braided steel brake lines are very strong and will not swell, so the life expectancy is greater than standard rubber brake lines.

    Our steel brake lines are shipped to you ready to be installed. Give us a call today at (866)250-5542 or simply choose your vehicle above to find the compatible steel brake line.

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