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High Performance Brake Pads

For your 2009 ford mustang


Brake Pad Performance

Performance brake pads are made from a variety of compounds. This mixture ensures a higher friction rate than OEM brake pads and a higher resistance to heat. This basic, but effective combination provides better stopping ability, reduced fade, and much better overall performance. Certain mixtures are better for certain driving applications. STILLEN manufactures our own selection of high performance brake pads. In addition to STILLEN’s Metal Matrix Brake Pad line, we also partner with these great brake pad manufacturers to bring you the industry’s highest quality option when it comes to high performance brake pads:

The performance brake pads we offer can be separated into three different categories. Brake pads for racing, brake pads for street use, and brake pads for both street and track use.

Street Brake Pads

Racing Brake Pads

Racing brake pads are manufactured for maximum performance during extreme conditions at the track. The compound mixture used to produce racing brake pads allow for excellent braking ability at temperatures in excess of 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit. Racing brake pads are not for the street, they need heat to be effective. Racing brake pads are ideal for HPDE racing, time attack, and time trials. We offer only the best premium quality racing brake pads. Never try to use brake pads that were designed for track use on your everyday vehicle.

Street and Racing Brake Pads

Brake pads that are manufactured for use on the street and at the track are an excellent option for the racing enthusiast that drives to the track regularly. No need to swap brake pads when you get to the track and once again when you leave. The compound mixture used in the manufacturing process allows for superb braking ability at a wide range of brake pad temperatures. Below are premium high performance street/track brake pads that are available for purchase.

If you are unsure of the performance brake pad that fits your driving habits, give us a call at (866)250-5542 and one of our brake pad experts will inform you of the best options that will fit within your budget.

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