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    STILLEN Slotted Sport Rotors

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    STILLEN Ford Mustang Slotted 2-Piece Rotors FOR1710S
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    Slotted Rotors

    Slotted brake rotors are a great upgrade for any car and will improve your vehicles braking performance immensely. The slotted rotors allow a channel for the brake pad gases to escape and allow the rotor to have a more direct friction surface to the brake pad. Many people prefer slotted rotors as they are more durable and resilient than other performance rotor solutions.

    As with all STILLEN brake rotors, you can be rest assured that these slotted rotors are a direct replacement for your factory rotors and will fit perfectly with your factory brake calipers!

    Slotted rotors provide much of the increased pad bite that cross-drilled rotors do, but can handle the heat of more aggressive use. The slots act as a wiper, cleaning the pad face as they go by to reduce pad glazing, keeping the pads fresh for optimal performance.

    Since slotted rotors do not have holes piercing all the way through the brake rotor, they are much stronger than a cross drilled rotor or a cross drilled and slotted rotor. With performance driving, the demand on your brake rotors increases substantially from everyday driving. Slotted rotors can typically take more abuse than cross drilled rotors.  When pushed to the limit, slotted rotors are able to expand and contract with temperature change evenly around the entire rotor.  Drive with confidence knowing you have one of the best slotted brake rotors on the market today! 

    Features of STILLEN Slotted Rotors:

    • Increased pad bite, without fear of stress-risers possible with cross-drilled rotors under aggressive driving with elevated temperature use.
    • Slotted rotors act as a wiper, cleaning the pad face as they go by which can reduce pad glazing, keeping the pads fresh for optimal performance.
    • Great choice for track days or where spirited driving is the norm.
    • Less chance of cracking over a cross drilled rotor
    • Manufactured with the latest CNC equipment.
    • Slotted rotors arrive finished, machine-balanced and ready to install!

    Slotted Rotor Corrosion Protection

    At STILLEN, we finish the slotted rotors with durable clear zinc plating. This barrier prevents corrosion on non-friction surface areas and keeps the slotted rotors looking great and guaranteeing a long service life! Most of our truck applications are finished with a great looking black e-coat finish.  This really stands out and the slotted rotors look VERY cool inside any wheel.

    STILLEN only offers high quality brake components for your vehicle. Along with our high performance slotted rotors, STILLEN provides big brake kits, steel brake lines, and performance brake pads.  

    To find the right slotted rotor for your vehicle, simply choose your vehicle above or give us a call at (866)250-5542 to talk to one of our brake rotor experts.


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