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    Daystar Poly-Flex Joint Upgrade

    $18.95 - $33.24
    Daystar Poly-Flex Joint Upgrade - 2" KU70087BK
    Free Shipping
     $35.00   $19.95 
    Daystar Poly-Flex Joint Upgrade - 2.5" KU70088BK
    Free Shipping
     $58.32   $33.24 
    Daystar Poly Joint Replacement - 2.5" KU70089BK
    Free Shipping
     $52.55   $29.95 
    Daystar Poly Joint Replacement - 2" KU70090BK
    Free Shipping
     $33.25   $18.95 

    Daystar Poly Flex joints are the answer for anyone that needs a strong and silent pivot point. Like a traditional Heim joint, the Poly Flex joint utilizes a spherical ball captured inside a steel outer shell. Unlike Heim joints, however, Poly Flex Joints encapsulate the spherical ball in a special blend of polyurethane. Housed in a steel outer shell, the joint allows a greater range of movement without binding in its attachment points. Also unlike a Heim, the Poly Flex joint does not make noise over time and is completely rebuildable.

    Poly Joints feature a Polyurethane bushing that is specially designed to move as the suspension articulates. Available with threaded studs or a weld-on version, these joints are perfect for any fabricator that needs a high-articulation pivot point that remains silent and serviceable.

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