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    Daystar Rack and Pinion Bushing Sets

    $14.95 - $37.95
    Daystar Rack & Pinion Bushings KG06001BK
    Free Shipping
     $66.58   $37.95 
    Daystar Rack & Pinion Bushings KT10001BK
    Free Shipping
     $21.58   $14.95 

    Factory rack and pinion bushings are soft and not up to the additional strain of a suspension lift and larger tires. Symptoms of worn or overtaxed rack and pinion bushings include steering shimmy, vibration through the steering wheel, and soft or sluggish steering characteristics. Daystar's Rack & Pinion Bushings provide a firmer hold on the steering rack and can survive the stress of steering larger tires on a daily basis.

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