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    PFADT Spherical Bearing Bushing Upgrades

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    PFADT Spherical Bearing Bushing Upgrades

    The elimination of deflection in bushings has a number of benefits. The tires during the drag launch will no longer toe in and and scrub horse power. The tires will stay pointing directly down the track with consistent toe throughout your drag run. The drastic reduction of friction allows the tire to more closely follow the contour of the road surface. This means that the tire stays in contact with the road surface and traction is increased. This also results in a drivability improvement as bumps are more easily absorbed by the suspension.

    This kit is designed to maximize the performance of your race car suspension. Due to the nature of this race part there is an increase in road noise. Therefore we do not recommend this for the casual street car. However, this is highly recommended for dedicated track cars.

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