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    PFADT Wheel Bearings

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    Pfadt Racing is proud to offer the wheel bearings that are up to the challenge for your racing Corvette.

    Replacing your wheel bearings two to three times a season is no longer necessary. These true race quality bearings from SKF solve many of the known issues with other wheel bearings on the market. These SKF Corvette Racing hubs offer the same technology as the ZR1 hub for the C5 and C6 Corvette.

    Designed for durability and to maintain preload at sustained loading of 1.2g, these units were tested and proven on some of the European GT3 Corvettes for an entire race season. Don't settle for a tapered roller design. Tapered rollers are relatively effective for handling load, but have high friction and generate heat and rolling resistance which can lead to premature failure.

    1. SKF Asymmetric - Roll formed design benefits:
    2. High camber stiffness compared to a symmetric ball design
    3. Reduced brake judder and piston knock-back
    4. Roll formed and self retained without need for a stub shaft
    5. Increased stiffness for better brake performance under high loads, higher preloads, less than 10 micron run-out on flange face

    The SKF hubs offered by Pfadt Racing have the appropriate speed sensors for 1997-2008 Corvettes. Our hubs eliminate the need for frequent replacement, reduce long pedal/brake pad knock back, poor pad wear, and reduce the potential for broken flanges. If you're going to race, Pfadt/SKF hubs are the only game in town!

    These hubs ship with high-strength stock length studs.

    In addition, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that when replacing hubs you reinstall with the proper set of GM hub to upright bolts, as these bolts are one time use only and should NOT be reused.

    Don't take your chances with an inexpensive "AutoParts Store" brand bearing and end up spending your race weekends changing wheel bearings in the paddock. Buy race quality parts from the race quality line-up at Pfadt.

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