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Replacement Catalytic Converters

For your 2006 nissan maxima


Low Price Replacement Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters from your neighborhood dealership are more expensive than the low price replacement catalytic converters we have for sale here. You are not paying less for less quality; you are paying less for the same or better quality. Certainly if your catalytic converter is still under warranty, go to your local dealership. If not, save some money and purchase your replacement catalytic converter from us. We offer high quality replacement catalytic converters manufactured by STILLEN, Magnaflow, and Random Technology.

49 and 50 State Legal Catalytic Converters

STILLEN offers replacement catalytic converters for your single or dual exhaust vehicle. We have 50 and 49 state carb approved catalytic converters. California has the strictest laws pertaining to emissions. We will not sell a 49 state approved catalytic converter to a California resident. Instead, Californians can purchase a low cost 50 state approved catalytic converter.

Hi-Flow Catalytic Converters

Hi-Flow catalytic converters alleviate a lot of the strain on the engine to push the exhaust through to the tailpipe. You will in turn get some more horsepower out of your engine. Your cars power will be the same or nearly the same as it would be without a catalytic converter.  Hi-Flow catalytic converters are typically legal in 49 states however rules do vary from state to state.  STILLEN cannot be held accountable for the smog laws in your area.

Simply choose your vehicle above to find the correct replacement catalytic converter for your vehicle or call one of our exhaust experts at (866) 250-5542.


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