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    Edge Evolution Programmer

    $320.59 - $427.69
    Edge Ford F150 Evolution Programmer 15051
    Free Shipping
     $499.00   $356.28 
    Edge Chevrolet, GMC Truck Evolution Programmer 25060
    Free Shipping
     $499.00   $356.28 
    Edge Dodge Ram 1500 Evolution Programmer 35060
    Free Shipping
     $499.00   $356.28 
    • 3 separate performance programs
    • Additional 60-100 horsepower gains
    • Ability to adjust speed and rev limiter
    • Displays and clears trouble codes
    • Displays 0-60 and quarter mile times
    • 5 minute installation

    With the introduction of the Evolution, Edge has entered a new realm of the aftermarket diesel industry. Contained in this tiny module is the capability not only to improve driveability and performance, but also the ability to display and clear trouble codes, remove the speed and rev limiters and adjust power levels.

    The Evolution connects directly into the OBDII port underneath the dash. Once connected the stock software is downloaded and the new Evolution software is uploaded onto the trucks ECM. All modifications are done during this process and can be just as easily be switched back to stock at any time.

    The Evolution was created with a small lightweight design that allows personalized control with the touch of a button. With a backlit LCD screen, seeing and reading codes has been made simple. The unit not only displays codes, but also displays a description of what these codes mean, which eliminates copying the code down and then finding a manual to look them up.

    **Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.

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