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    ACT Clutch Kit with Xtreme Pressure Plate and 4-pad Race Disc

    $374.00 - $1,051.00
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    ACT Clutch Kit with ACT Xtreme Pressure Plate and ACT 4-pad Race Disc

    ACT Xtreme Pressure Plates deliver the maximum holding power available! For high horsepower streetcars, combine this high clamp pressure plate with an ACT Street Disc to maintain smooth engagement and obtain high torque capacity. For racing, combine the ACT Xtreme Pressure Plate with the ACT Xtreme Race Disc for the ultimate in torque capacity, durability and quick shifting.

    What makes these units so unique? The radical increase in clamp load developed from a single specially designed diaphragm. ACT employs several secrets (just good engineering) to maximize load and reduce flex. The result is maximum torque capacity and long life, while maintaining good release clearance for fast, clean shifting. On some units, such as the Eclipse/Talon, ACT gussets the pressure plate cover to reduce flex caused by the high pressure. ACT Copper Ceramic Race Discs (Xtreme Discs). Attack the track with the ACT Xtreme Race Disc. Shifting is quick and sure due to the lightweight rigid design.

    ACT Xtreme Race Discs are available in 4 or 6-pad solid hub design, these pads (pucks, buttons) are highly durable and resistant to heat.

    Why use an ACT Xtreme Race Disc? The copper ceramic material holds approximately 28% more torque than an organic lining. ACT Copper Ceramic Xtreme Race Discs engage fairly harsh and are not normally recommended for street use. ACT recommends 6-pad ACT Xtreme Race Discs for larger sizes to absorb more heat and for smoother engagement. The 4-pad ACT Xtreme Race Discs engage harsher, shift faster, and are well suited for smaller disc sizes from smaller engines.

    Not recommended for street use due to harsh engagement. Actual product may vary slightly from image.

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