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    PFADT Coilovers

    Some of you are looking for the ultimate reaction and 60 foot times on your drag race builds or your weekend comp cars. We know where we can help most, and that is getting the right suspension underneath your car. In response to all of the drag racing inquiries we receive, we are releasing our dedicated Drag Racing Coilovers! Designed from the ground up as a no compromise straight line solution, the Pfadt Drag Coilover Package features custom spring rates and completely revised damping curves to reduce wheel hop on launch and hard shifts, and to maximize weight transfer at launch.

    After hundreds of hard drag launches during testing, spring rates and damper lengths were chosen to allow for extra front end lift and rear end squat. The softer front and rear spring rates we selected allows the front end to fully extend, transfer weight quickly to the rear end, and have the rear stay planted. This weight transfer is key to straight line traction by shifting the weight from the front end back to the rear wheels.

    Pfadt has taken our proven, state of the art, lightweight coilover package for the Carmaro and optimized the valving for the best drag race package on the market. Gone are the days when you can bolt on any old '90/10' shock absorber and put down a good 60' time. Being competitive with a modern chassis equipped with MacPherson struts and a 5-link rear requires optimized valving. At Pfadt we have spent countless hours at the computer and the drag strip optimizing our package. We have reduced front rebound valving to allow the nose to rise and give that proper weight transfer and added enough compression valving to hold it up during you shift event. The rear-end is the trickier point because we need to control the compression to allow the weight transfer without oscillation and keep it low without adding too much rebound force which can kill traction on an independent rear. We achieve all of this with our signature digressive valving system and enough adjustability for you to tune the shocks to the daily track conditions.

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