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    STILLEN 8300 Series Racing Shock Absorbers - Ford GT

    $2,541.53 - $2,811.90
    STILLEN is proud to be the exclusive West Coast Distributor for the Penske Ford GT Racing Shocks.

    These coil-over shock absorber packages are available as either 2-way or 3-way adjustable.

    Penske Racing Shocks were designed to surpass the unique demands of this street-legal super car. With a proven racing pedigree, the new Ford GT shocks are guaranteed to exceed all expectations for handling, comfort, and performance.

    These coil-over shock absorbers accept readily available coil springs, allowing for a virtually unlimited combination of spring rates to be used.

    Penske Racing 8300 Series - Double Adjustable

    The 8300 double adjustable version features a hand clicker style rebound adjuster on the shaft, giving 30 clicks of adjustment. The single compression adjuster house in the remote canister has 16 clicks of linear adjustment. The 8300 series is the latest entry level double adjustable shock absorber from Penske Shocks.

    These shocks are paired together in sets for either the front or the rear for convenience of ordering:

    - Front Kit (Pair) Contains: Two (2) PS-83GT40-F 8300 Double Adjustable Front Shock Absorbers

    PS-83GT-40-R.1 - Rear Kit (Pair) Contains: Two (2) PS-83GT40-R 8300 Double Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers

    PS-83GT-40-R.2 - Rear Kit with Reservoir Brackets (Pair) Contains: Two (2) PS-83GT40-R 8300 Double Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers and Two (2) Billet Shock Reservoir Brackets For Easy and Precise Mounting

    ERS - Eibach Racing Springs

    These shocks accept standard 2.50" inside diameter coil springs, and a wide variety of spring rates are available. This ensures you're able to tailor the car to your particular driving style and needs. We recommend the following spring rates:

    Front Springs (Factory springs are rated at 200 lbs / sq. in)

    EIB10002500225.1 - 225 lbs / sq. in. Spring Rate
    EIB10002500275.1 - 275 lbs / sq. in. Spring Rate

    Rear Springs (Factory springs are rated at 280 lbs / sq. in.)

    - 300 lbs / sq. in. Spring Rate
    EIB12002500350.1 - 350 lbs / sq. in. Spring Rate

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