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    PFADT Camaro Drag Racing Kit - Stage 2 ZL Spec

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    PFADT Stage 2 ZL Spec Camaro Drag Racing Kit

    If you are looking to build the ultimate Camaro drag car, you do not have to look any further than the Stage 2 Ultimate Drag Package from Pfadt Race Engineering. This is the package that produces results on the strip, in every aspect, from 60ft times, to E.T.s., and does it consistently.

    This package is for the hardcore drag racer. We have developed drag-specific spring rates and damping curves for the front and rear coilovers in the package. We worked with some of the fastest Camaros in the country to develop these units. We engineered every component in the package to maximize rear grip on launch, and transfer weight accordingly and and evenly. In addition to the coilovers, we use our rear three-way adjustable ZL-spec sway bar to help the car plant and load the left and right side tires evenly. The rest of the package is dedicated to maximizing stability, response and minimizing alignment change in the rear end. The parts that accomplish this are the Rear Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushings, the full Rear Trailing Arm Kit, the Solid Rear Subframe Bushings, and the Rear Adjustable Toe Rod Kit. Naturally, we incorporate the powertrain mounting components that let you get the power down instantly on the track, like the Engine Mounts.

    This package is the most comprehensive on the market, and will deliver the results you need to win races and optimize your drag car. This package will not only give you these results, but more importantly it will allow you to develop consistency in your drag runs. If you want to get serious about drag racing, you need to step-up to the most serious Camaro drag suspension kit on the market.


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