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    PFADT Road Racing Kit - Stage 4

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    PFADT Stage 4 Road Racing Kit

    The PFADT Stage 4 Road Racing Package if for anyone who desires to take the performance benefits of the Stage 3 package even further, with the added adjustability of the best coilovers on the market, and more precise engine control with our PFADT Engine Mounts.

    Included in this Stage 4 Package is the following:

    • Inverted Adjustable Coilovers
    • Performance Sway Bars
    • Adjustable Endlinks
    • Engine Mounts
    • Rear Tie Rods with Bushings
    • Rear Trailing Arms and Bushings
    • Solid Rear Subframe Bushings

    Making the move to coilovers is an important thing to consider when determining what kind of performance gains you want from your Camaro. Coilovers give your Camaro the ultimate in adjustability by allowing you to individually tune each corner of the car to have the perfect ride height, damper stiffness, and corner weight. Our coilovers also allow you to change spring rates easily to fine tine your ride and handling capabilities. We have engineered a set that works fantastic for most performance situations, but we leave the option there for the customer to take suspension tuning of our products even farther.

    Just like all PFADT Race Engineering packages, the balance of your Camaro will be transformed into a machine that feels at home on the track, just like it is on the street. This is because we do not engineer anything that will yield undesirable ride characteristics for everyday use. The coilovers are paired with our famous Sport Sway Bars (rear adjustable) to give your Camaro the flat cornering and performance handling it needs to be victorious at the race track. In addition, our integral rear suspensions upgrades are include in the package, to stabilize rear end movement, put power down, and give the driver more precise and predictable control. Wheel hop is no longer a concern with the solid rear subframe bushings and rear trailing arm kit.

    Added to the package is also our engine mounts that limit engine movement and increase response and powertrain feel. Because we incorporate poly bushings in the design, the mount still isolates engine to chassis vibration. We pair this with our differential mounts to get the most out of the powertrain/drivetrain response and control, allowing you to power out of corners without hesitation and added uncontrolled motion from the engine.

    We recommend this package for customers who are serious about racing a fair bit, and require the best components on the market to do so. One thing you can say about this package is that you can rely on our engineering, testing and development to get you the results on the track. Then, after your track days, you can drive it back home and to work the next day, with out thinking twice about it.

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