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Oil, Steering, and Transmission Cooler Kits

For your 2010 nissan altima

STILLEN Oil Cooler Kit
$350.49 - $432.09

STILLEN Cooler Kits

Prolong your engines life, your power steering system, and your transmission with STILLEN's cooler kits. Cooler kits are preventative maintenance at its best. You can save 1000’s of dollars in repairs to your engine, transmission, and power steering system with a STILLEN oil cooler, power steering cooler, and transmission cooler. 

Oil Cooler Kit

For very hot running engines, an engine oil cooler kit is a must have. Too much heat is an enemy of any combustion engine. Having your oil temperature up to 30 degrees cooler during normal driving will add many 1000's of miles to the life of your engine and improve performance. Oil is rerouted to the oil cooler outside of the engine and is cooled prior to circulating back into the engine. The oil cooler kit is not too dissimilar from a car’s radiator. You will have to use up to two quarts more oil to fill up the coils and lines in the oil cooler unit. The end result is a healthier engine that will last much longer than an engine without an oil cooling unit.

Maintain and prolong your engines life with an oil cooler from STILLEN.

Power Steering Cooler Kit

A power steering cooler will lower the temperature of your vehicles power steering fluid. If you tow, perform heavy mountain driving, or otherwise tax your steering system while you drive, a power steering cooler is for you. Don't chance your power steering fluid boiling away and driving without power steering fluid at all. Even custom wheels and different sized tires other than stock can tax your power steering system. Take into consideration the environment in which you live. If you live in a hot climate and are in stop and go traffic twice daily, you should strongly consider a power steering cooler.

Prolong your power steering system with a power steering cooler by STILLEN.

Transmission Cooler Kit

A transmission cooler will lower the temperature of your vehicles transmission fluid. When hauling loads or putting a lot of stress on your transmission, the transmission fluid can sometimes exceed its maximum temperature of about 200 degrees and begin to burn. As the transmission fluid burns, you will be left with less transmission fluid to cool your transmission which could lead to serious problems.  If you tow often, live in a hot climate, or are continually hauling heavy loads, your transmission will have to work harder and in turn will generate more heat. A transmission cooler will alleviate these risks. As far as preventative maintenance, a transmission cooler is a must have and can potentially save you 1000’s of dollars.

A transmission is one of the most expensive parts of a car to replace. Prevent premature transmission failure by purchasing a transmission cooler from STILLEN.

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