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    Password JDM Exhaust System

    $499.99 - $1,999.99

    Password JDM Exhaust System

    If an off the shelf, run of the mill, performance exhaust was good enough for PasswordJDM, their Ultimate GT-R exhaust would have never been blueprinted or produced. When they created this exhaust, they had a few conditions that they set for themselves.

    What they eventually came up with, was mind blowing! A true work of art that truly performs as expected! At PasswordJDM, it wouldn’t have been any other way. A well-balanced exhaust that has a note worthy of any world-class super exotic.

    This is an exhaust that you can hear, but yet not over bearing. An exhaust that you can feel in the seat of your pants, and also on the dyno. A true head turner that won;t get you a middle finger like you would if you rocked one of the other "truck style" GT-R exhausts.

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