Vehicle Input

    AEM Tru-Time Adjustable Cam Gear

    $101.64 - $179.45

    AEM Tru-Time Adjustable Cam Gear

    Increase horsepower and torque without having to change your vehicle's camshafts when you use the AEM Tru-Time adjustable cam gear! 

    Good for Use with High Performance Cams

    These cam gears are perfect for milled, force induction and high compression engines or engines that are using aftermarket competition cams.

    True Laser Markings

    If you need a cam gear that can match your cam timing, then look no further! The AEM Tru-Time adjustable cam gears feature true laser markings that are able to match your vehicle's timing by advancing or retarding the cam profile in one-degree increments.

    Made to Last

    The AEM Tru-Time cam gears feature precision-cut gear teeth, which ensure no premature wearing of the belt surface. Additionally, the anodizing on the gear teeth has been lab-tested and proven as the hardest anodizing process available on the market.

    Note: Must be used solely on vehicles in a sanctioned competition and may never be used on a public road or highway, unless permitted by specific regulatory exemption.

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