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    STILLEN Fuel Injector Upgrades

    $64.95 - $111.35

    STILLEN Fuel Injector Upgrades

    Larger Injectors: Higher horsepower from larger turbos or Nitrous Oxide injection puts additional demands on the fuel system. The additional airflow means that a greater quantity of fuel will be needed for a proper air/fuel ratio. As boost is increased (or nitrous is introduced to the intake charge), the EPROM has the ability to make minor adjustments for the increased fuel needs via the stock 370cc injectors (259cc for non-turbo).

    However, when it reaches a wide open throttle condition, the stock injectors cannot deliver enough fuel to efficiently and safely manage flow. By going to larger injectors, horsepower potentials can be achieved and proper air/fuel ratios can be maintained, avoiding a dangerous lean condition. The engine ECU must be reprogrammed to make use of the larger injectors.

    These are Nissan racing injectors - we highly recommend against using modified or drilled injectors. Call with your specific needs for proper application. Use with upgrade injector gasket kit (STILLEN Part #406200).


    • 90-96 300ZX Twin-Turbo, 555cc Injectors
    • 90-96 300ZX Non-Turbo, 370cc Injectors
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