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    STILLEN 350Z / G35 / G37 / 370Z Headers

    $564.17 - $698.62

    The STILLEN Z/G Headers are the finest available. With months invested in development work, these headers produce big increases in streetable power and torque on both naturally aspirated and forced induction vehicles.

    The equal length design of the headers allows better and more efficient exhaust scavenging which contributes to the dyno tested performance gains.  Examples:
    - 2004 350Z produced 11.5 hp at @ 6200 RPM and 18.5-lb.ft @ 3800 RPM at the wheels
    - 2008 G37 Coupe produced 14.5hp at @ 7300 RPM and 12.5 lb-ft @ 4200 RPM at the wheels

    With STILLEN's 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Nissan performance parts, you should have complete confidence that every STILLEN product is of the highest quality and has under gone extensive research and development before production.

    STILLEN manufactures our high performance headers from varying materials according to application parameters. All of our uncoated headers are stainless steel for long life and corrosion resistance. Our ceramic coated headers are for those who want an additional thermal barrier to lower engine bay temperatures as well as excellent stain and rust resistance. These hand crafted shorty headers do not require the removal of the catalytic converters.

    Headers are available in the following materials:

    304 Stainless Steel - Maximum oxidation and corrosion resistance, excellent shine
    409 Stainless Steel - Excellent corrosion resistance, may develop light surface discoloring
    Ceramic Coated - Provides a thermal barrier which reduces radiated heat into the engine bay, excellent stain and rust resistance

    Installation should be done by a qualified mechanic with proper tools and a lift. This is not a backyard bolt on. These headers do not remove the cats, but are not 50 state legal, check your area's regulations. Complete the performance upgrade with STILLEN's new race pipes.

    NOTE: Contact your STILLEN representative before use on a forced induction engine.

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