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    TEIN Hood Damper Kit

    $145.00 - $200.00

    TEIN Hood Damper Kit

    The compact and lightweight Hood Damper is designed to eliminate the OEM hood stand. This allows for more workspace under the hood as it eliminates any obstructions. Also makes opening and closing the hood quick and hassle-free. Especially useful on vehicles equipped with large OEM hoods, and for situations with high wind, as more stability is provided with the TEIN Hood Damper.

    When you replace your cars hood stand with a Tein hood damper, you will never want to own a car without one. Your workspace under the hood feels safer as you do not need to worry about your hood accidentally coming down on you. The ease of which your cars hood opens and closes will be very noticeable. Each hood damper kit comes with the hardware you will need to install it correctly. Each damper is specifically designed with your type of car in mind, no worries about if it will fit your cars hood. Its design consists of quality hardened steel and brushed aluminum extensions.

    Tein specializes in suspension products. Their hood dampers are very high quality and perform perfectly every time you open or close your hood. We offer several different versions of the Tein hood damper. Each version is designed to fit a range of cars. Choose the correct version or give us a call at (866)250-5542 and we will handle the entire transaction over the phone.

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