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    Injen Power Flow Intake System

    $197.23 - $451.56
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    Injen Power Flow Intake System

    Injen Teechnology is widely know to be the first intake company to offer a "Tuned Intake." Injen engineers started considering incorporating a venturi type tube (tapered near the MAF) along the path of an intake tract to control the flow rate to the mass air flow sensor. By learning how to control air speed and the resultant pressure, Injen engineers were able to maintain the desired temperature of the "hot wire" located inside the mass air flow sensor without the use of external electronics! In doing so, Injen now had the method to tune the air/fuel ratio for optimum power built directly into the Injen intake system. This process required no recalibration of the mass air flow sensor; no re-flashing of the ECU and certainly no electronic devices to trick the on-board computer.

    The engineering department began redesigning air filters, couplers, step hoses, and incorporated larger bend tools and forming equipment that would allow us to build a "tuned" intake with the least amount of air resistance for maximum horsepower and torque gains.  Today, all Injen filters, molded couplers, and elbows are equipped with built-in velocity stacks. In addition, mandrel bent tubes are bent with larger radii for streamlined airflow and intakes are fitted with the correct tube size to minimize the amount of air restriction and maximize engine efficiency.

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