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    If your HPDE experience has you spending more time on the track than on the street, the Aggressor II Package is the solution.

    The PFADT Aggressor II Package Includes:

    • PFADT Adjustable Coil Overs
    • PFADT Racing Sway Bars
    • PFADT Competition Pillow Blocks
    • PFADT Polyurethane Control Arm Bushing/Sleeve Kit
    • PFADT Camber Kit

    Our PFADT Adjustable Coil Over and Racing Sway Bar systems increase the overall spring rate of your vehicle without compromising ride quality when you're not at the track. When upgrading any suspension set up, the most important result is that the shocks and sways work well together out of the box AND provide the driver with basic tuning tools to dial in the perfect set up for the car.

    Our Coil Over and Sway Bar combination work amazingly well to keep maximum tire contact with the track. The coil overs increase the overall spring rate of the car without making the damping harsh. We supply recommended starting points that offer a well balanced, well engineered setup that we actually run on our own cars. It’s the best of both worlds on and off the track! Our Heavy Rate Racing Sway Bars provide superior anti-roll stiffness and are a crucial tuning tool. We recommend starting with our settings and following our basic guidelines if you decide to make changes.

    The Aggressor II Package is ideal for the track day car that sees more track days than street driving. If the adjustability intimidates you it's only because it’s something new for you - not because it’s actually hard to do. Moreover, if you don’t want to adjust them, you don’t have to. This package is designed to bolt on and trim seconds from your lap times!

    Our Pillow Blocks were designed specifically for our sway bars and use an aluminum housing with a delrin-type solid bushing. This package eliminates the polyurethane bushings and provides the ultimate in removing compliance from the system. Each nylon bushing fits firmly into the lightweight aluminum housing for a strong low-friction pivot.

    The next upgrade is the Polyurethane Control Arm bushing kit. If your car still has the factory rubber bushings, you're losing valuable control due to the flex of the soft rubber bushings installed at the factory. Our poly kit will make your car respond to turns like the super car that it is! The factory bushings are known to deflect more than a ¼ inch in turns which equates to almost 1 degree of lost camber. With our poly bushings that deflection is gone and you'll make the most of your alignment. Our poly bushings are graphite impregnated for long life and low friction. They are engineered with special grooves to maintain lubricant on the bearing surface, keeping the noise away. We include lots of lube specific to our polyurethane. In addition, we've engineered custom aluminum sleeves for light weight, low friction operation. The front upper pivots are machined with an offset to offer maximum camber adjustment.

    The final step in your upgrade is the PFADT Camber Kit. You'll spend a lot of money getting a performance alignment done on your car - don't let that setting change just because you hit a pot hole, drop two wheels off the track or bang into some FIA curbing! It's a known issue that the factory eccentrics are prone to slipping. Our camber kit allows you to achieve the maximum negative camber and eliminates the eccentrics so that the the settings don't slip. You'll be able to get more negative camber with our kit than is possible with the stock set up.

    Take advantage of the Package savings and get a great suspension set up from PFADT!

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