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    PFADT Johnny O’Connell Signature Suspension – Stage 2

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    PFADT Stage 2 Johnny O’Connell Signature Suspension Kit

    If your are looking for a one-stop track performance package for your C5/C6 Corvette, the Johnny O'Connell Stage 2 "Johnny Black" package contains the exact parts you need.

    The Pfadt Johnny O'Connell Stage 2 package includes:

    • Pfadt C6 Z06 Adjustable Coil Overs
    • Pfadt C6 Z06 Race Sway Bars - Light Rate

    Following up on the wildly successful Stage 1 package, Johnny is back and this time he has developed a specific package for customers who hit the track often! Johnny tailored this package with unique track-based coilover valving coupled with spring rates and sway bars that you can easily drive on the street. The Stage 2 Johnny Black package picks up right where the Stage 1 left off and moves to a fully adjustable coilover system and fully adjustable front and rear Light Rate race sway bars. This package was engineered to the specifications you have come to expect from a Johnny O'Connell Signature Suspension: reliable hi-performance operation day-in and day-out with no additional parts necessary to meet your goals. Open the box, install the parts, get an alignment and then see the seconds come off of your laptimes! No need to mix and match parts, this package is designed to work together so you don't have to be a race engineer to get the car set up correctly. Instead, you can feel confident in knowing that your car's suspension was tuned by legendary Corvette Racing driver Johnny O'Connell right out of the box, and no further parts are needed for the proper track set-up. You only need to follow Johnny's recommended starting points or adjust for your desired outcome as-needed!

    The Johnny O'Connell Coilovers feature spring rates (460 lbs/in front, 600 lbs/in rear) that are stiffer than the factory leaf springs but nowhere near harsh for street use. This is tailored to Corvette drivers who not only track their car, but also drive it on the street frequently for fun. This is the spring package that Johnny identified as the perfect dual-use street/track set up to increase cornering grip without sacrificing ride quality on the street. This means you can drive to your track days comfortably, then dial things in for added performance on the track, and revert to the street configuration for your ride back

    When upgrading any suspension set up, the most important result is that the shocks and sways work well together out of the box AND provide the driver with basic tuning tools to dial in the perfect set up for the car. This is accomplished by paring Johnny's coilovers and the Light Rate racing sway bars with a "Johnny-Black Edition" touch. During our test days, Johnny test drove a number of configurations of sway bars to get the balance dialed in for track performance without being overkill for street use. What he settled on was settings which fell within the range of our Light Rate Racing sway bars and this is outlined in our recommended set-up instructions. If your setup requires fine-tuning, it is easily done via the front and rear 3-point adjustable sway bar arms and included adjustable endlinks which allow for half-step adjustments. At the end of the day, these sway bars coupled with coilovers provide an incredible amount of grip for your Corvette, and give you a proper balance for consistent and predictable handling on and off the track.

    This package is a pure bolt-on performance solution that takes the guesswork out of selecting the proper parts for trimming seconds off of your laptimes. After setting your ride height to Johnny's recommendation, all that is needed is an alignment to ensure optimum performance. If needed, you can install the optional Pfadt C5 Camber Kit if you need to make quick and repeatable alignment adjustments at the track or need to eliminate any slipping from the factory lower control arm alignment bolts.

    Not fully convinced of this package's potential? Take the words of Johnny himself about what makes this package perfect for Corvette owners:

    "...the stage two allows for more adjustability. I had been concerned about doing coil overs, as being honest, I had never driven any that even came close to being what I would want and expect. In speaking with Aaron about this, I can't tell you how pleased I am at the final product. I would certainly not just consider it as being for the track, as a lot of compliance is built into it for everyday driving, which is something I really wanted in the package. But when you want to push the limits on the track, well just like stage one you have a system that is progressive, gives great feel, and should be easy to drive hard."

    Take advantage of legendary Corvette racer Johnny O'Connell's intimate knowledge of the chassis and proper set up, and install his track-specific parts built by Pfadt!

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