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Rear Spoilers and Rear Wings

For your 2007 nissan versa

Street Scene
Street Scene Rear Spoilers
$188.07 - $214.01

Carbon Fiber Spoilers

STILLEN manufactures performance auto parts that have been tested and retested to ensure the finest quality. When we offer products by other manufacturers, you can be sure they meet our stringent guidelines for quality. Seibon specializes in carbon fiber spoilers. Spoilers made from carbon fiber are extremely durable and lightweight. When you see carbon fiber on cars, you know the owner takes great care in the upkeep of his vehicle. We offer rear, mid, and roof carbon fiber spoilers for your car by Seibon.

Urethane Spoilers

Car spoilers by Street Scene are made from urethane which is a much better option than spoilers made from fiberglass. Urethane car spoilers fit better than fiberglass products and are resistant to cracking and chipping. Urethane spoilers can take more of a beating than a fiberglass spoiler.

Tailgate spoilers by Street Scene really make your truck stand out in a crowd. Their tailgate spoilers come in many different varieties and fit many different types of trucks. Whether you want a subtle tailgate spoiler to accent your truck, or a more prominent tailgate spoiler, Street Scene spoilers are for you.

Spoilers are an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up the look of your vehicle. A spoiler can make your car look much more aggressive or simply enhance its flow from the front to the rear. Spoilers also control the air flow to push down on your vehicle for better traction on the road. Whether you want a spoiler strictly for looks or for better air flow, STILLEN has the spoiler for you.

Choose your vehicle in the upper left of this page to find the compatible spoilers for your vehicle. Questions? Give us a call at (866)250-5542 to speak with a car spoiler expert.

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