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Performance Shock Absorbers

For your 2005 Infiniti G35


Belltech Shock Absorbers

Belltech's lowering and lifting shocks are designed for lowered trucks and SUV's. It is quite often overlooked by owners of lowered vehicles to make sure their shock absorbers are effective. Certainly you want your lowered vehicle to handle just as well or better than before. With standard shocks, they will be depressed quite a bit and lose if not all, but most of their effectiveness. This will make your drive unpleasant and possibly dangerous. Belltech’s lowering shocks are designed specifically for lowered vehicles to increase your rides comfort and safety.

Bilstein Shock Absorbers

Bilstein is known worldwide for their performance suspension products. Bilstein shock absorbers are built for the way you drive and the type of vehicle you own. Bilstein 5100 Series performance shocks offer fade free performance for your lifted truck, Jeep, or prerunner. The original Bilstein B4 Series shock absorber has been in service for over 50 years. Bilstein is a leader in high quality shock absorbers and will continue to be well into the future. No matter what your driving application is, Bilstein's lines of shock absorbers are the right choice for you.

Daystar Scorpion Shock Absorbers

Daystar's Scorpion shock absorbers are a convenient solution for a smooth ride and adding lift to your truck, Jeep, or SUV. Daystar Scorpion shock absorbers are manufactured to fit perfectly onto your specific vehicle. Daystar Scorpion shock absorbers are manufactured using premium quality components which ensures great performance and longevity.

Eibach Pro-Damper Shock Absorbers

Eibach Pro-Damper shock absorbers are tuned for top performance without being too stiff. They are designed to complement an Eibach Pro-Kit and Sportline springs. Upon installation, you will appreciate the much improved high performance handling. Eibach produces some of the highest quality suspension components. The Eibach Pro-Damper shock absorber is no exception.

Koni Sport Shock Absorbers

Koni Sport shock absorbers are designed to achieve exceptional road handling while still producing a comfortable ride. As you take corners hard, you will feel like you are sticking to the ground. If you are into performance street driving, a Koni Sport shock absorber is for you. Adjustable damping allows you to finely tune the type of handling you desire.

Hotchkis HPS 1000 Shock Absorbers

The Hotchkis HPS 1000 shock absorber will achieve top performance without sacrificing comfort. Shock absorbers that are not manufactured for specific vehicles will cause each vehicle to handle a bit differently. This is due to each cars weight and its springs. A Hotchkis HPS 1000 shock absorber is produced for specific vehicles. This enables Hotchkis to finely tune their shock absorbers to exactly the way they want a driver to experience them. 

Choose your vehicle above to find the shock absorber designed specifically for your vehicle or call us at (866)250-5542 to talk to one of our shock absorber experts.

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