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    Belltech Street Performance Shocks

    $50.52 - $270.63
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    Belltech Street Performance Shocks

    Belltech's NEW Street Performance line of twin tube shock absorbers sets the standards in performance handling for sport trucks. Belltech's engineers focused their attention on tuning the low speed compression characteristics of this shock absorber, which is responsible for controlling your trucks pitch and roll. Heavy nose dives under braking and excessive vehicle lean when cornering are no longer a factor with the Street Performance shocks installed on your truck.

    Additionally, the "Progressive" rebound tuning will complement large aftermarket wheels, keeping the ride smooth and firm. This NEW high performance line of shock absorbers will rekindle your love affair with your truck offering a perfect balance between comfort and performance.

    What separates the Street Performance shock absorber from the rest? If the oversized 55mm shock bodies, 35mm pistons and 15mm Piston rods aren't enough, the fact that each individual application has a specific and unique damping tune should get your attention.

    The engineers at Belltech invested a great amount of time to cultivate a handling characteristic suited for each individual truck's needs while at the same time utilizing the latest in construction technologies available on the road today.

    • Vehicle specific applications
    • Oversized Construction provides additional damping control
    • 15mm piston rod, 35 mm piston and a 55 mm shock body
    • Hard chromed and polished inductive piston rod provides the best attributes for sealing and movement along the guide bearing
    • Teflon coated "DU" bushing avoids metal to metal contact, provides lowest possible rod friction
    • Teflon band encased piston resulting in no cylinder tube BT?s new shock technology / wear or metal to metal contact for friction free operation
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