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    Vortech 1986-93 Ford Mustang 5.0L Renegade Racing Tuner Kits


    Vortech V-7 YSi High-Performance Supercharger

    Featuring the V-7 supercharger, Vortech offers Race Tuner Kits for the 1986-1993 Ford Mustang. Vortech's 1200 horsepower capable systems are designed for those racers competing in EFI/Renegade racing classes. Two configurations are available: driver side mounted or passenger side mounted supercharger. Both systems include a Vortech V-7 YSi supercharger, 8-Rib 8" crank pulley and 3" Renegade supercharger pulley, and complete oil drain/feed assemblies.

    Renegade Racing Driver Side System Includes:

    • Dual plate billet aluminum mounting bracket assembly
    • 8-Rib / 8" aluminum crank pulley assembly with drive-belt, idler, tensioner and mounting hardware
    • Cast aluminum alternator mounting bracket system
    • Accessory belt idler pulley with mount
    • Radiator tube & thermostat housing assembly

    Renegade Racing Passenger Side System Includes:

    • Dual plate billet aluminum mounting bracket assembly
    • 8-Rib / 8" aluminum crank pulley
    • 3 1/4" high-volume race discharge tube
    • Maxflow mondo bypass valve assembly
    • 4" high-flow air inlet elbow with bypass valve air-return boss

    Optional Upgrades/Accessories

    • 4FP116-011 - Cog Drive Upgrade
    • Power Pulley Packs
    • Power Pulley Packs - Cog Drive - We recommend Gates Poly Chain® GT2 when using 35mm application. Standard kevlar belts have been known to not last long. NMRA Renegade has changed rules to allow cog drive systems and larger serpentine belts.
    • Fuel rails, pumps and system upgrades
    • Fuel Management Units, and Super FMU
    • Boost Timing Master
    • Voltage Booster for fuel pump
    • Bypass and dump valves
    • 8-Rib Supercharger pulleys are available separately.

    An aftermarket electric fan is recommended. However, the factory mechanical fan may be retained with minor clearance modifications. These systems do not include fuel or ignition assemblies, air filter or MAF mounting provisions.


    Driver side system: No compressor bypass valve, air filter, air inlet/discharge ducting.

    Passenger side system: The inlet elbow adapts to the Anderson Ford Power Pipe™. Installation may require an aftermarket water pump pulley for proper belt clearance.

    Not Smog Legal in California

    These systems are legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway (off-road use only).

    Warranty Information:

    1-Year Supercharger Limited Warranty

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