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    PFADT Racing Sway Bar

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    PFADT Racing Sway Bar

    Sway bars are designed to adjust the balance, the under-steer or over-steer tendency, and control body roll. By increasing the rate of both front and rear sway bars you can reduce the tendency for the body to roll during cornering. This will make the car react more quickly to your steering inputs. By changing the rate of just the front or the rear sway bar you can change the balance of the car. This allows you to adapt the balance of the car to fit your specific setup, track and driving style.

    In the pursuit to offer you the highest level products  we have completely redesigned these sway bars to offer lighter weight, more durability and improved geometry.

    Introducing the fourth generation of racing sway bars from Pfadt Race Engineering!

    The Pfadt Racing Sway Bars are designed for those that are looking for the ultimate sway bar. These three-piece sway bars utilize a 4130 Chromoly torsion bar that offers exceptional durability and ultra lightweight 7050-T7 aluminum arms. The adjustable end links that are included in every kit are also designed to be as lightweight as possible. While standard end links used in sway bar kits are 12mm we save weight by using custom, high-strength rod ends that allow us to reduce the size of the hardware without sacrificing strength. The use of a turnbuckle allows precise corner balancing without having to disconnect the end link from the car. Both front and rear sway bars are three position adjustable giving you nine different sway bar rate combinations. To finish the installation this kit includes polyurethane sway bar bushings, optional Solid Pillow Blocks are available for dedicated track cars.

    While the Pfadt Racing Sway Bars were designed to be the perfect addition to racecars competing around the world they are also the ultimate sway bars for your high performance street vehicle. With the addition of the Pfadt Racing Sway Bars you will find a new level of responsiveness and corning grip that was never before possible.

    These sway bars are offered in two different rates: Light Rate, LR, which are ideal for rougher tracks, typical autocross courses and daily driving and Heavy Rate, HR, which are ideal for smoother tracks and those looking for the maximum response possible. The graph below is a comparison between many GM sway bars and the Pfadt Racing Sway Bars.

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