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    PFADT Sway Bars

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    PFADT Sway Bars

    All of our Pfadt sway bar kits require major engineering revisions from the factory bar packages, with the primary goal of eliminating under-steer. Basic vehicle dynamics say that to eliminate under-steer you must increase the roll stiffness in the rear of the car - and our rear bar does exactly that. Increasing the rear sway bar rate is part of how we achieve such great balance. Say for instance a sway bar package offers huge increases in the stiffness of the front bar with out increasing the rear appropriately, your vehicle is going to suffer from increased under-steer compared to the OEM sway bars!

    Our sway bar packages are known for being the best available on the market because we test and design for each specific vehicle we make parts for and these bars are no exception. We start from a blank sheet of paper for every suspension package and we thoroughly track test our bars to obtain the optimum balance.

    Our font and rear bars offer three points of adjustment to allow you to fine tune the balance of your car to your tire package and driving style. Whether you're on the street or at the track, you'll have the adjustment you need to dial in perfect handling. The rear bar is even adjusted without needing to fully disassemble! We include greasable graphite-impregnated polyurethane bushings and new mounting brackets for a complete installation.

    • Eliminates under-steer by providing proper balance for predicable handling
    • Combat body roll with the stiffest available sway bar package without significantly impacting ride quality
    • Be equipped with the ability to fine-tune both front AND rear sway bars for street and track
    • Improve performance by reducing body roll and increasing steering response
    • Easily install with basic hand tools and provided instructions. No alignment necessary
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