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    Suspension Techniques Sway Bars

    $102.00 - $402.00
    Suspension Techniques Front Sway Bar 50020
    Free Shipping
     $193.00   $151.00 
    Suspension Techniques Front Sway Bar 50027
    Free Shipping
     $219.00   $172.00 
    Suspension Techniques Front Sway Bar 50050
    Free Shipping
     $203.00   $159.00 
    Suspension Techniques Front Sway Bar 50060
    Free Shipping
     $193.00   $151.00 
    Suspension Techniques Front Sway Bar 50075
    Free Shipping
     $214.00   $168.00 
    Suspension Techniques Front Sway Bar 50077
    Free Shipping
     $237.00   $186.00 
    Suspension Techniques Front Sway Bar 50080
    Free Shipping
     $203.00   $159.00 
    Suspension Techniques Front Sway Bar 50082
    Free Shipping
     $234.35   $184.00 
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    ST Sway Bars

    When tuning your vehicles suspension, there are many ways to change your vehicles handling characteristics. Springs, Dampers and alignment all play huge parts in affecting how your vehicle handles, but no component has as drastic effect on your body roll as the Anti-Swaybars without adversely affecting your ride quality.

    To the average enthusiast, the installation of a ST Anti-Swaybar or Suspension Techniques Anti-Swaybar Complete Kit will result in a drastic reduction in the boat-like feel that many vehicles have with the factory or even mildly tuned suspension. By increasing the rate of the front, rear or both bars over the factory units, the ST Anti-Swaybars, your body roll will be reduced giving you more confidence on long sweeping corners, on and off ramps, as well as in emergency maneuvers.

    For the Advanced Suspension Tuner, many ST Anti-Swaybars are built with additional adjustability either in the bar itself with multiple end link mounting points, or adjustable heim joint end links to tune in or out any undesirable handling characteristics of your current suspension setup such as over-steer or under-steer.

    ST Anti-Swaybars available for the front and rear separately or in complete vehicle kits for a large range of vehicles. Each ST Anti-Swaybar is designed and produced in-house at their California facility and are constructed from high quality steel for precision performance, and powder coated for durability. All necessary high grade mounting hardware and bushings, as well as full instructions are included in each and every kit for simple installation.

    For selected applications, ST offers the best anti-sway bar / lower tie brace combination kit on the market. By integrating an adjustable lower tie brace to tighten and strengthen the rear lower sub-frame with a rear anti-sway bar featuring adjustable end-links, these kits can be set up for street or race applications. With the added benefits of urethane bushings, anodized brackets, complete hardware, and easy to follow installation instructions, this innovative ST suspension solution is the ultimate handling upgrade for your import performance vehicle.

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