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1999-04 Ford Mustang 4.6L Clutch Kit - Sport Pressure Plate With Performance Street Sprung Disc

MSRP $575.00
  • Premium Friction Material Able to Achieve High Heat Tolerance and Faster Recovery From Overheating
  • Clamp Load Increase of 10-30%
  • Quicker Shifting and Engagement
  • Heavy Duty Torsional Dampening Springs
  • Includes Alignment Tool, Pilot Bearing & Release Bearing
Mfg Part # : FM9-SPSS


This Performance Street Kit features a Sport Pressure plate for a nice upgrade. ACT Sport pressure plates use exclusive diaphragm design to increase clamp load, reduce deflection and maximize clutch life. All diaphragms endure an exclusive four-stage, heat-treating process for unparalleled performance. ACT pressure plates have precision cover stampings to provide rigidity and consistency. ACT's Performance Street discs are the most popular disc purchased. They feature premium organic materials with higher copper content for better heat transfer and steel-backed lining for greater burst strength and durability. These discs feature a reduced marcel for faster shift action to complement ACT pressure plates. Quiet operation with increased strength and reliability.



About ACT Parts & Accessories

ACT's mission is to serve our customers in an extraordinary way with business excellence, outstanding product quality, and exceptional value which meets even the most challenging needs of our customers. ACT leads the industry in performance clutches and flywheels by manufacturing an extensive product line, including single disc clutches, twin disc clutches, carbon clutches and flywheels. Our Mission is to advance a family of people committed to innovation, measurable results and well developed systems of operation which provide adventure, quality and efficiency. Each ACT product is unparalleled in strength, durability and materials. ACT products combine all the features needed in a performance clutch or flywheel with many different combinations to choose from. Materials used from design to production provide the platform for a solid engineered part. ACT provides quality that lasts, materials that work and processes that perform to ensure calculated results. Simple yet advanced. Finite Element Analysis: ACT uses powerful Finite Element Analysis (FEA) computer software to test and evaluate products in a virtual environment. The FEA software accompanies the latest CAD and 3D solid modeling software used by ACT's research and development department so that numerous design alternatives can be considered long before coming to market with a new product. ACT's FEA software mechanical stress, heat transfer, thermal stress, vibration and buckling analysis under virtually any load condition which can help identify potential problems in a particular design. Custom Data Recording Press: ACT uses a computer operated data recording press to cycle, test and record pressure plate clamp load, working range, release load and release travel. Each pressure plate is load tested and cycled to ensure parts meet ACT's strict quality standards. This special equipment makes testing accurate, efficient, and thorough so both existing parts and prototype designs can be quickly evaluated. This equipment also allows ACT to create custom setups for customers and give them a dyno sheet for that exact assembly. Laboratory Testing: Utilizing the latest in laboratory testing, ACT continues to experiment with different friction materials and design alternatives for future product development. Friction material tests help ACT to evaluate coefficient of friction, fade, wear, and recovery under different load, speed and temperature conditions. Laboratory burst testing and material testing is performed on parts for SFI certification on a scheduled basis and regularly performed on new parts.


  • 1999 Ford Mustang - SVT Cobra; 4.6 L; 8 Cyl;
  • 1999 - 2000 Ford Mustang - GT; 4.6 L; 8 Cyl;
  • 2001 Ford Mustang - SVT Cobra; 4.6 L; 8 Cyl;
  • 2001 - 2002 Ford Mustang - GT; 4.6 L; 8 Cyl;
  • 2003 Ford Mustang - SVT Cobra; 4.6 L; 8 Cyl; Supercharged;
  • 2003 - 2004 Ford Mustang - GT; 4.6 L; 8 Cyl;


1999-04 Ford Mustang 4.6L Clutch Kit - Sport Pressure Plate With Performance Street Sprung Disc

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