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Agent 47

Retro Style Mirrors - S197 Mustang

MSRP $219.00
    SKU: : AGEA47RRM
    Mfg Part # : A47RRM


    Agent 47 Retro Style Mirrors - S197 Mustang

    Lose those ugly truck mirrors that come stock on your 05+ mustang. Our mirrors capture the classic look and aerodynamic goodness of the original racing mirrors of the 60's but with full power.

    This is the style mirror that belongs on your 60's retro inspired mustang. These mirrors use the stock mounting locations and connectors for a quick and hassle free installation.

    Mirrors come with new glass and backing plates.

    Note: Mirrors sold without motors, we recommend using your stock motors.


    Agent 47

    About Agent 47 Parts & Accessories

    We are makers. We come from makers. In the early 2000’s Corey Weber teamed up with legendary chassis setup and fabricator, Bill Osborne to begin a collaboration of a number of builds that ultimately led to the formation of Agent 47. Starting with “Blackie” an SN95 in 2007, a true test mule was crafted for proving out our SLA (short-long arm) front suspension and feed the growing obsession that is road racing.

    This test bed grew into a full line of race products for the SN95, S197 and Fox Body Mustang that have been prototyped, tested and competed in the NASA American Iron series. With constantly seeking to perfect what we have developed during racecar prep, chassis setup, cage fabrication and suspension design we have produced a number of complete vehicle packages culminating in the most recent build, the Harbinger.

    In this relentless pursuit of a pure driving machine that pays homage to a classic design, we have created a succinctly different vehicle. We have a profound respect for classic fabrication methodologies while also heavily leveraging the modern Additive Manufacturing methods or “3D Printing” of today to allow us to test and quickly produce improved iterations for over 45 unique components on the Harbinger. This constant engineering, prototyping with the added accoutrements of a modern racecar chassis, aerodynamic and safety improvements has resulted in some very respectable lap times at some legendary race tracks.

    We believe in American craftsmanship, ingenuity and the pursuit of perfection. We believe this car speaks to those values.


    • 2005 - 2009 Ford Mustang


    Retro Style Mirrors - S197 Mustang

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