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AP Racing

Ap Racing 1

Here is a link to shop for AP Racing Brake Systems.

Original Equipment (OEM) brake systems do the job they were intended to -- stop safely and quietly for the lowest cost possible. After adding performance upgrades, while towing, or just having some fun in the canyons, OE brakes can be overwhelmed by heat and fade when the moment of truth arrives.

We believe the most important part of great customer service is making sure the customer is still around to enjoy that service. Since 1990, STILLEN has been well known for advanced brake systems that measure up to the challenge of blowers, turbos, nitrous, 26"+ wheels, tow vehicles, armored security transport and more. It is essential protection for those inevitable moments when you must trust only the very best.

At STILLEN, the best means AP Racing. Period. AP Racing supplies high performance braking systems for championship winning teams in Formula 1, NASCAR, LeMans, FIA GT, ALMS, LMES, Grand Am, Super GT, BTCC, DTM, etc. In nearly all types of serious motorsports racing around the world, AP Racing gets the call more often when only the best will do.

AP Racing 2

When Ultima Sports needed a brake system for their multiple world record holding 200mph street-driven Ultima GTR supercar, they knew who to call. Three times, their all conquering AP Racing equipped Ultima GTR has smashed the world record for sprinting to 100mph and back to zero again in a brief 9.4 seconds . That is .5 second FASTER than the Bugatti Veyron and a blistering 1.5 seconds faster than the Ferrari Enzo! All of this was done in the daily-driven factory demonstrator with street tires and no ABS or traction control!

As the exclusive North American distributor of AP Racing's road car products, STILLEN utilizes that same technology and craftsmanship developed from over 30 years in the top professional racing categories. Our in-house R&D team selects the best AP Racing components (modified for street use) to engineer precise fitments from 1500 pound sports cars to 9-ton fully-armored SUV's.

Track professionals understand the need for absolute control. STILLEN understands how to give that same control to you.

Find your vehicle's brake system upgrade here, or call 800-929-7745 for an individual consultation.