AP Racing Infiniti G37 Radi-CAL Brake Kit by STILLEN

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AP Racing Radi-CAL Brake System Upgrade by STILLEN for the Infiniti G37

Choosing the best brake kit for your Infiniti G37 just became extremely easy, with the introduction of the next generation of braking performance; The AP Racing Radi-CAL Brake System by STILLEN.

This show-quality setup will catch anyone's eye, and has the performance to back it up. AP Racing has been dominating the highest level of motorsports for over 50 years, such as Formula 1, NASCAR Sprint Cup, ALMS, World Rally Championship (WRC) and many others.. and most importantly winning. Now you can benefit from this brake technology on your Infiniti G37, and have the braking confidence formerly available only to top motorsport teams.

The AP Racing designed Radi-CAL calipers are FORGED versus the major competitor's cast calipers. These FORGED calipers are 25% lighter and 20% stronger than cast calipers of the same size in the same performance category. The entire Radi-CAL system was created from the Radi-CAL system designed by AP Racing for Formula 1 and NASCAR.

STILLEN Engineers utilize AP Racing Rotors and the new AP Racing Forged Radi-CAL 6-piston calipers for the front and 4-piston calipers in the rear for these new brake kits, developing specific mounting hats and brackets designed specifically for the Infiniti G37, and manufactured at STILLEN's in-house machine shop, using the latest technology in CNC Lathe and Mill machining. Pad selection, caliper configuration and proper rotor sizing are all chosen specifically for the G37 to produce maximum braking performance, and show stopping looks. The Infiniti G25 owners also benefit from this big brake kit, as the brake fitment is the same.

Installation is bolt-on, with the kit including everything needed to easily install the STILLEN manufactured G37 AP Racing Radi-CAL Big Brake Kit and includes:

  • AP-Racing Radi-CAL Forged Calipers (available in Red or Black)
  • AP Racing High Performance Rotors (available in J-Hook or Cross-Drilled/Slotted patterns)
  • High Performance Brake Pads
  • Billet Aluminum Rotor Mounting Hats and Full-Floating Hardware (pre-assembled for easy installation)
  • Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines with Correct Conversion Fittings
  • Complete Installation Instructions

Whether you're at the track with your Infiniti G37, ripping through your favorite winding road, or parked at the local car show, the new AP Racing Radi-CAL inspires confidence and is visually on point. STILLEN has spent significant time and resources ensuring proper brake balance to achieve peak performance, matching vehicle weight and heat indexes, and OE ABS and Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) are unaffected and perform as normal.

Take your G to the next level with the AP Racing Radi-Cal Brake Kit by STILLEN.

For more information on the AP Racing Infiniti G37 brake kit, please visit our AP Racing Radi-CAL by STILLEN brake kit informational page by clicking here.


AP Racing

About AP Racing Parts & Accessories

For over 50 years, AP Racing has had one aim - to create winners on the race track. The world of motorsport has changed out of all recognition since those early days and AP Racing have spearheaded every major development in brake and clutch technology. In Grand Prix Racing our success started with the incredible Auto Unions and has continued uninterrupted ever since to the championship winning Williams, McLarens, Renaults, and Ferraris. Over the years this success has been repeated in all other types of Single Seaters including Champ Cars, Indy Racing League, Indy Lights, GP2, F3000, F3 etc. At the end of the 2011 season AP Racing had notched up an incredible 686 GP wins for cars using its Brakes and/or Clutches and are confident of increasing this tally in 2012. At the pinnacle of motor sport, numerous factors dictate the most specialized requirements for ultimate success. From the state of the art 3 dimensional solid modelling/design and Finite Element Analysis CAD facilities, to sophisticated research, development and testing including special dynamometers that simulate true racing speeds, AP Racing is constantly probing the boundaries of technology. From state of the art measuring centers, CNC machining and sophisticated stock control systems, to the intricate hand assembly, checking and testing of individual assemblies, AP Racing ensures its products perform when pushed to the absolute limits.


Infiniti G37 Radi-CAL Brake Kit by STILLEN

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