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Belltech Coilover Kit

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Belltech Coilovers

If you're looking for the ultimate set of coilovers, look no further! Belltech coilovers provide expert handling and height tuning. Plus they are long lasting with a quality construction and expert design. These are the perfect set of coilover shocks for any enthusiast's car, truck or SUV!

Complete Coilover Kit

Each Belltech coilover kit offers a complete solution for the front end of your vehicle with two threaded body performance dampers, matched performance springs, dust boots and bump stops. Performance dampers come in your choice of stainless steel or mild galvanized steel with independent compression and rebound dampening (only available on some applications).

Ultimate Ride Height Options

Choose from a variety of ride height options with the Belltech coilovers! Depending on your vehicle, the coilover drop height ranges from 0"-4" drop, which allows you to customize your ride height as you see fit.

Made to Last

Enjoy your Belltech coilovers for years! These coilover shocks are made to last and come with a manufacturer's limited warranty that protects against manufacturer's defects as long as you own the vehicle they are originally installed on.



About Belltech Parts & Accessories

Over 25 years ago a small company in Fresno, California had an idea to build the "best performing" lowering suspensions for the Chevrolet pickup. Fresno had been a haven for lowered vehicles and trucks were in abundance. Trucks were being lowered but their suspensions were terrible and not very roadworthy. Springs were either replaced with new ones not necessarily meant for the application and even worse they may be cut or heated with a torch at the local muffler shop to give the lowered stance that was cool. The stance looked good but the ride was terrible. Belltech's design staff had a better idea - Why not build a spindle where the wheels are higher but all of the rest of the front end geometry stays the same? In fact that's just what they did and the drop spindle that launched the Sport truck craze in America was born.

To go along with the drop spindle the rest of the truck suspension needed to be addressed also. Shackles, hanger kits, lowered coil springs and flip kits soon followed. Keeping with the spirit of the "best performing" suspension the Belltech staff designed and created these components using superior materials and designs. The result made Belltech the most asked for and successful truck suspension brand in the industry. Belltech's success in the late '80's and '90's made it possible for the company to grow from a modest beginning, to a larger manufacturing facility with a satellite warehouse and finally in 2003 to the current 115,000+ sq. ft. operation located in Sanger, California. The Sanger facility has made it possible to expand every aspect of the operation.

In early 2005 Belltech and its sister company Suspension Techniques joined the team of KW automotive North America, Inc., the North American arm of KW automotive GmbH, Germany. As part of KW automotive North America, Inc. Belltech continues its growth in product development and technology advancement along with its three sibling companies: KW Suspensions - The world leader in height and dampening adjustable coilover suspension.


Coilover Kit

    based on 0 Reviews

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