Brake Cooling Kits

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      Brake Cooling Kits

      Decrease the wear of your braking system and improve performance by installing a STILLEN brake cooling kit. Your brakes temperature will be reduced by up to 25% and maintain a more consistent temperature. Installed on the front fascia, your brake cooling kit will channel wind to the center of the rotor which in turn funnels the wind through the slotted rotors. A cooler braking system can increase track times, extend the life of your braking system, and increase safety.

      Brake Cooling Kit Features:

      • Reduced Brake Temperature
      • Reduced Rotor Temperature
      • More Consistent Rotor and Brake Temperatures
      • Temperature Reduction up to 25%

      STILLEN’s aftermarket performance parts are built out of necessity. Steve Millen, our founder, has had an impressive racing career. This is not only due to his driving skill, but knowing what his car needed to brake, handle, and accelerate better than his competitors. Over the past 25 years, him and his team have tested and improved upon many automotive performance parts. STILLEN's brake cooling kits are no exception.

      We currently have brake cooling kits available for the Nissan GT-R and 370Z. Choose your vehicle above or call STILLEN at (866)250-5542 to speak with an aftermarket performance brake specialist today!