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Ford Expedition, F150 / Lincoln Navigator Control Arm Bushings Lower

MSRP $70.08
  • Restores Proper Vehicle Suspension Geometry
  • Increases Performance And Handling Characteristics
  • Vehicle Fluid And Road Grime Resistant
  • Superior Durability and Wear Characteristics Over Stock Bushings
  • Reduces "Slack" and "Play" in the Factory Suspension
SKU: : KF03024BK
Mfg Part # : KF03024BK


Daystar Control Arm Bushings

Suspension designs that utilize control arms offer several benefits over solid-axle designs. However, the bushings that serve as the pivot points for the control arms get a real work out, and over time, they wear out. Symptoms of worn control arm bushings include suspension noise and clunking while cornering and the inability to hold an alignment. Daystar Control Arm Bushings are a significant upgrade over the rubber bushings most suspension systems use because they are resistant to vehicle fluids and road grime. They offer less deflection under load and superior wear characteristics. These bushings make the perfect upgrade when replacing worn factory bushings and for high-load applications, such as heavy hauling or vehicles that frequently go off-road.



About Daystar Parts & Accessories

Daystar™ produces millions of plastic injection molded parts every year on micro processor controlled Van Dorn molding machines ranging in size from 85 to 400 tons. We are extremely experienced in running elastomeric compounds such as flexible PVC's, thermoplastic polyurethanes, and TPR's. We also run large quantities of other thermoplastic resins. Daystar™ has always met our customers' needs by designing and producing the highest possible quality parts. Since 2000, Daystar has been certified ISO 9001, and we currently hold ISO9001:2008 certification.  This demanding certification, recognized worldwide, ensures our customers that the entire process, from design to shipment, is independently verified and documented to meet or exceed our customers' expectations. Engineering excellence is not just a catch phrase at Daystar™ - it is the foundation of our company. Daystar™ engineers can execute all aspects of the design process for part modeling and simulation to multi axis toolpath creation. Daystar™ is a recognized specialist in manufacturing cast polyurethane elastomeric and microcellular foam parts for the automotive industry. We have developed several families of proprietary polymer formulations that give us the ability to match material properties to the specific application at hand.


  • 1997 - 2001 Ford Expedition - 4WD;
  • 1997 - 1998 Ford F-150 - 4WD;
  • 1999 Ford F-150 - Lariat; 4WD;
  • 1999 Ford F-150 - XL; 4WD;
  • 1999 Ford F-150 - XLT; 4WD;
  • 1999 Ford F-150 - Base; 4WD;
  • 2000 Ford F-150 - Lariat; 4WD;
  • 2000 Ford F-150 - Base; 4WD;
  • 2000 Ford F-150 - XL; 4WD;
  • 2000 - 2001 Ford F-150 - XLT; 4WD;
  • 2001 Ford F-150 - XL; 4WD;
  • 2001 Ford F-150 - King Ranch; 4WD;
  • 2001 Ford F-150 - Lariat; 4WD;
  • 2002 Ford F-150 - King Ranch; 4WD;
  • 2002 Ford F-150 - Lariat; 4WD;
  • 2002 Ford F-150 - XL; 4WD;
  • 2002 Ford F-150 - XLT; 4WD;
  • 1998 - 2001 Lincoln Navigator - 4WD;


Ford Expedition, F150 / Lincoln Navigator Control Arm Bushings Lower

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