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Chevrolet Corvette E-Force Street Legal Supercharger Kit - w/ Tuner

MSRP $12,289.10
  • Comes w/ Tuner
SKU: : EDE1572
Mfg Part # : 1572


Edelbrock 2005-2013 Corvette C6 Supercharger

Edelbrock is proud to announce the release of their new E-Force Supercharger kits for the C6 Corvette. The all new design pushes a stock LS2 or LS3 engine up to an amazing 554 flywheel HP and 515 ft/lbs of torque (with stock fuel pump) or 599 flywheel HP and 547 ft/lbs of torque (with included high volume fuel pump). This supercharger incorporates the Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) Gen VI rotor assembly, the same internals used on the new ZR-1 Corvette, as well as an air to water twin intercooler system and dual core heat exchanger. Torque has been optimized through the use of 12" long runners, while low speed fuel economy is retained through the use of an internal bypass valve to reduce parasitic loss. All of this technology fits under the stock hood without modification to the hood, hood liner or cowl.

Edelbrock also offers an E-Force supercharger competition kit #1595 (LS2) and #1592 (LS3), which eliminates the injectors, programmer, and engine covers to provide only the core components needed to build up a competition level vehicle. The supercharger drive pulley is also deleted to allow the end user to select from four pulleys ranging in size from 2.75" to 3.875" in diameter, depending on the boost level desired.

Features Include:

  • No cutting or modification to stock body or hood (fits under stock hood, inner liner & cowl)
  • 2300 cc/rev Twin Vortices (TVS) Rotor Group
  • Integrated bypass valve for little to no decrease in fuel economy
  • Self contained oil system with 100,000 mile service interval (no drilling, no plumbing)
  • Two 50 state emissions legal options (EO pending); 554 flywheel HP and 599 flywheel HP
  • Available 5-year, 100,000 mile warranty

Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Street Legal Kit For Corvette

Now you can boost the power in your 2005-13 LS3 Corvette to near ZR1 performance! These new E-Force Supercharger Systems are exclusively tailored to boost your performance to 554 flywheel horsepower and 515 ft./lbs. of torque (with stock fuel pump) or 599 flywheel horsepower and 547 ft./lbs. of torque (includes high volume fuel pump). The unique features on these kits are the 12" long intake runners that allow for maximum low end torque and the optional 5 year 100,000 mile supplemental warranty. Plus, this kit fits under the stock hood with no modifications. Not compatible with Z06 or ZR1 models.

E-Force Supercharger Systems For 2005-2013 Corvette Include:

  • Supercharger Manifold Assembly (Featuring Eaton TVS Rotors)
  • Cast Aluminum Alternator/Idler Bracket
  • Cast Aluminum Engine Valley Tray
  • Heavy Duty Automatic Belt Tensioner
  • Dual, High Capacity, Bar & Plate Intercoolers
  • Full Face Low Temp. Heat Exchanger for Intercooler System
  • Extruded Aluminum Fuel Rails with -6 AN Lines
  • Goodyear Gatorback Serpentine Belt
  • Electric Intercooler Water Pump
  • Intercooler Recovery Tank
  • Fuel Injectors (52lb/hr)
  • Steel Idler Pulleys With Heavy Duty High Speed Bearings
  • Injection Molded, High Flow, Air Box Cover
  • Edelbrock Aluminum Engine Covers
  • Handheld Calibration Module, Preloaded with ALL Tunes
  • Plug & Play, Electrical Harness & Installation Hardware




About Edelbrock Parts & Accessories

Vic Edelbrock Sr. was born in a small farming community near Wichita, Kansas in 1913. In 1938, Vic Sr. bought his first project car... a 1932 Ford Roadster. This car was a turning point in Edelbrock history. It was Vic Sr.'s entry into the world of "hot rods" and it inspired the design and manufacture of the first Edelbrock intake manifold. The roadster became an important part of Vic's product development. He would install his parts on the roadster to determine how well they would perform. Vic received multiple requests for his twin carb manifold. This was the driving force behind the opening of his own performance parts business. Today Edelbrock Corporation has seven locations: four in Torrance and three in San Jacinto, California, totaling over 500,000 square feet. Torrance Headquarters include: R&D; manufacturing; state-of-the-art testing facilities, advertising and tech support. "Proven Performance" is the philosophy that began with Vic Sr. in 1938 and it continues today with the same high standards of performance and quality. Vic Sr. would be proud of what has grown out of his small garage in Los Angeles, California.


  • 2006 - 2011 Chevrolet Corvette - 7.0 L; 8 Cyl;


Chevrolet Corvette E-Force Street Legal Supercharger Kit - w/ Tuner

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