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      N-Fab Step Bars

      Getting in and out of your truck should not be a test in your climbing abilities. Have you ever climbed into your truck ready to go and your passenger is still struggling to climb in? In some cases you may have had to physically help the person up. Perhaps you did not know that step bars by N-Fab are inexpensive and very easy to install. The installation process is as easy as lining up the step bar and screwing it into place. This is certainly a truck upgrade you can perform yourself. Most N-Fab step bars can handle loads of up to 445lbs. An N-Fab step bar is a practical truck upgrade as not only does it solve a problem, it enhances the look of your truck.

      Some N-Fab nerf step bars will extend to the back of the truck and include a step for easy access. Other nerf steps only extend the cabs length. You will now be able to wipe the bottom of your shoes from mud and debris before stepping into your vehicle. An ancillary benefit could be in the form of cash when you sell your vehicle for more than you would have without the N-Fab nerf step bar.

      N-Fab Harley Bar

      Protect your trucks underbody with an N-Fab Harley bar. This N-Fab product stretches from wheel to wheel to give your truck the illusion of being lower to the ground than it really is. The N-Fab Harley bar will enhance the look of your truck greatly.

      Shop for your N-Fab bar above or feel free to give us a call at (866)250-5542 as our staff is highly knowledgeable in N-Fab products.