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Gibson Headers

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Gibson Headers

Unleash your vehicle's full power potential! Every Gibson Header is Dyno-tuned and engineered to deliver more usable horsepower and torque at low and mid-range RPM highway speeds. Improves engine's ability to breathe and cooler operating engine temperature. Designed as a direct replacement for the factory manifolds, using the stock crossover pipe. They are well suited for lowered and raised vehicles, street and off-road. 50 State Street legal. Meets EPA and CARB requirements. Will not affect the factory warranty.

It's Your Choice:

  • Nickel Chrome Plated - heavy duty 14ga steel tubing for extended durability and longer life
  • Stainless Steel- 409L heavy duty 16ga tubing
  • Ceramic Coated - 409L Stainless steel heavy duty tubing with hi-temp polished coating


  • Mandrel-bent tubing - for optimum airflow and increased Horsepower
  • Heavy duty 3/8" thick laser cut port flanges-no warping or leaking
  • Bolt on installation- no welding required
  • Attaches to the original equipment crossover pipe
  • Air injection & oxygen sensor fittings provided
  • Premium gaskets and hardware
  • OEM style connections



About Gibson Parts & Accessories

After finding various methods to increase performance through improved muffler designs, the Gibson family began and expanded their business into one of the largest and most trusted aftermarket performance exhaust companies around. Gibson performance has become larger than ever, but it has not lost its commitment to building cost effective exhaust systems that deliver more performance for the dollar. This includes designing exhaust systems that make more power across a wider RPM band. Every Gibson Product is also designed for hassle free, bolt-in installation with professional looking results. Various applications are available in aluminized or stainless steel and are remarkably engineered to ignite the maximum performance of your engine. With the most comprehensive list of vehicle applications.



    based on 0 Reviews

    To write a review please select specific product