Goodridge Gstop Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits

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Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Stainless steel brake lines are one of the single best upgrades to your braking system possible.

Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines have become the standard in professional motorsports where the ultimate in braking is required. There is no room for volumetric expansion, or "mushy brakes" caused by rubber lines. A highly efficient braking system allows you to get deeper into the corner and onto the accelerator faster.

Additionally, when G-Stop stainless steel brake hoses are used with an ABS braking system they virtually eliminate brake pedal "chatter" and significantly reduce stopping distance. The advantages of Goodridge G-Stop stainless steel brake lines are not only for the high performance vehicles; they are also a terrific performance enhancement and safety improvement on the "daily driver".

A reduction in braking distance during a panic stop can reduce the possibility of accidents and save lives. It's features like this that make Goodridge G-Stop stainless steel brake lines the most cost-effective safety improvement you can make on any vehicle. G-Stop stainless steel brake lines conform to all federal requirements of FMVSS106, making them D.O.T. Certified and T.U.V. Approved (Germany).

All Goodridge G-Stop stainless steel brake lines go through a 9-point Quality Assurance testing process including tensile strength and pressure testing to 3000 p.s.i. before leaving our facility. To ensure proper fit and easy installation, special end fittings and line brackets have been produced to fit identically to each vehicle.

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Gstop Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits

  • Troy Pruett

    by Troy Pruett
    I installed these on a 98 Maxima along with a set of cross-drilled brake rotors and semi-metallic pads. These brake lines provide better brake input when applying the brakes and a more firm stop. As a side note, having these lines actually probably saved my life as I had a tire chain break while descending a snowy pass in Southern Oregon and it wrapped itself around my axle. Had I had rubber lines, they would have likely been severed by the chains and I would not have had sufficient braking to stop the car.

based on 1 Reviews

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