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Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake Systems

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About the Injen SP Series Air Intakes

Get the most from your engine with an Injen SP Series cold air intake or short ram air intake. These air intake systems feature Injen's patent pending Mega Ram (MR) Technology, allowing it to make impressive power gains with safe air/fuel (A/F) ratios.

Features Innovative Step Down Process

Strategically control air flow with Injen's step down process! It will regulate airflow at strategic points within the air intake to control the rate and density of the air flowing through it for more reliable power gains.

World's First Dyno Tuned Intake System

These cold air intakes and short ram intakes are processed tuned to save you the hassle of calibrating the MAF sensors.

Lifetime Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind when you purchase this air intake. It comes with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

Made in the USA

Like other Injen performance parts, the cold air intakes and short ram air intakes are manufactured by expert craftsmen here in the United States.



About Injen Parts & Accessories

For over a decade Injen Technology Co. Ltd has played a major role in the design and development of air intake systems. Injen has made it a point to stay at the forefront of performance technology making only the best air intake systems that one can envision.


SP Series Cold Air Intake Systems

  • David Ching

    by David Ching
    Here is my first impression of the Injen intake and observations since this is my first time with Injen. I've personally used Stillen Warm Air Intakes on my past 2 Altima's and I must say that I love the deep throaty sound that they produce. I've also used AEM's Cold Air Intake on my 2004 Altima. I decided to go with the Injen this time for a couple of reasons:

    1) I liked the idea of a heat shield

    2) The tech behind the filter material on the Injen intake (dry-weave)

    3) They've got some great R&D on their intakes

    Love the look of the intake. I decided to go with the black intake instead of the polished look. If I could post pictures I would. There is a deeper tone to the intake but the Stillen intake provides more of an animal growl to it. If you're going for sound, pay for the Stillen Intake. Overall, I am happy with my choice of intake.
  • Russ Huber

    by Russ Huber
    Best, economical move for highly improved performance. 2012 Juke loves to SUCK in air, you can hear it clearly sucking it in...

    Added a Rear Sway bar which added fun, fun, fun on a track too, for $180 bucks, much less than a set of tires, the Juke feels like a super low go-kart.....

    Added the Stillen high flow exhaust muffler and this baby breathes sooo much better too, all this improvement for the total cost of roughly $600! VERY reasonable to upgrade the Juke to high performance for a little 4 banger...VERY pleased with Stillen and particularly Stanley Wu for talking me through the upgrades...
  • Jeff White

    by Jeff White
    This was a snap to install. Looks and performs great. You can here the suction as you apply the throttle. The instruction were very clear and easy to follow. Very high quality part.

based on 3 Reviews

To write a review please select specific product