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Mintex Xtreme High Performance Brake Pads

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Mintex Brake Pads

Brake Pros / STILLEN have gone to extremes to provide a new level of performance to the serious driving enthusiast. Mintex Xtreme.

Engineered using race-bred 'X-Series' friction materials, Mintex Xtreme brake pads give you the benefits gained from winning races worldwide for over 75 years. Not upgraded street friction, these pads were born at the track. The very latest compounding technology and race pad production techniques give these pads tremendous stopping power from dead cold to over 1300°F (700°C), creating a whole new performance standard.

Mintex Xtreme Pad Features:

  • Xtremely high friction for race pad stopping power
  • Excellent grip -- From Cold to over 1300°F
  • Linear & predictable under all conditions
  • Thermally stable for no-fade performance
  • Lower dust than previous high-performance pads
  • Quiet as OE
  • Moderate wear rate compared to other higher grip pads
  • Quick release for fast corner exits
  • Rotor-friendly for less grooving and pad material build-up

These terms are not usually associated with typical high-performance or track day pads. Then again, Xtreme is anything but typical.


Mintex breaks with tradition on new branding TMD Friction is proud to present a new face for their iconic Mintex brand, building on the rich heritage of the Mintex name with a global roll out of new brand identity, packaging and advertising. The clever strapline


Xtreme High Performance Brake Pads

    based on 0 Reviews

    To write a review please select specific product